PBIS Rewards student app

PBIS Rewards student app Download & How to use and get pbis Reward

PBIS Rewards is like an important scheme. Which has a deep connection with the students. Hence, most of the schools prefer to use the PBIS Rewards Student App to provide maximum benefits for the students, staff and parents. Please go through all the information carefully for the proper use and download the Reward students app.

What is PBIS Rewards student app?

The PBIS Rewards Student App allows students to participate in your PBIS initiative. Here Everyone can download the PBIS Rewards Student app on their smartphone or log in to the student web portal. Its complete process is given below.

Students can access their information about the PBIS Rewards Student App by entering the QR code generated by their teacher through the PBIS Rewards App or by using one of our Single Sign-On (SSO) options.

PBIS Rewards student app Download

To download the Pbis Rewards students app follow the below instruction.

  • Go to the Google Play store for Android, Apple Appstore for iPhone and from the Amazon App store.
  • Then Search the PBIS Rewards Students app and Select it and Tap on the Install button.
  • After that wait for a complete installation, now you can use it.

How to use PBIS Rewards Student App?

QR is found in PBIS Rewards Student App which is generated by the teacher and informs the students about this code. The user can get access to the app only after scanning this QR code.

Another technique for using the app is the option of single sign-on.
In case of SSO available on the app and portal, please give your credentials and school name to start using the app.

Students use the app to monitor their progress and check available rewards.

PBIS Reward ideas for students

Some exciting PBIS reward ideas for students include- Are in an activity with one of the teachers, mentors or administrators. Trophies, Becoming a DJ master, Start a day’s class with tips from an icebreaker guru, Participate in a special game of kickball, Choice of prizes Can enjoy freedom, and get a special seat in the school bus.