What is Plastic Money? Plastic Money Advantages and Disadvantages

What is Plastic Money? Plastic Money Advantages and Disadvantages

What is Plastic Money? Plastic Money Advantages and Disadvantages: – Friends, as the times are changing, changes are being seen in everything. In today’s world of technology, the methods of transactions have also started changing. Here the transactions of money are going to end completely. Now people make taxes on online payments on any purchase.

Talking about online payment, Credit Card, Debit Card, NetBanking, UPI and other payment methods have become available. Due to which the transaction of money has become easy anywhere anytime. Even the bank provides its ATM card or debit card or credit card to its customers. So today we will tell you what is plastic money? plastic money advantages and disadvantages etc. Everything.

What is plastic money? 

Plastic money is a type of plastic card. With the help of which you can easily take advantage of all the services from anywhere, anytime without any banknote purchases, transactions etc.

Plastic money contains identifying information such as someone’s signature or picture and it authorizes the cardholder to make purchases or charge for services. And the information of this card is read by Automated Teller Machine (ATM), Bank and Internet.

Nowadays, whatever you or we use Cash Card, Credit Card, Debit Card, Pre-Paid Cash Card, In-Store Card etc., these are all examples of plastic money.

What are the Advantages of Plastic money?

All the advantages of plastic money are as follows, with the help of which you will be able to know its complete information easily.

What is Plastic Money? Plastic Money Advantages and Disadvantages
What is Plastic Money? Plastic Money Advantages and Disadvantages

1. There is a facility in carrying more money from one place to another. With this, your money will not be stolen.

2. There is a high risk of money being stolen. Which are difficult to get after being stolen. But in case of Debit/Credit card, you can block the card immediately to avoid misuse by giving information to the bank.

3. You can easily pay for facilities, enjoyment of shopping etc. anytime anywhere with the help of plastic money in any situation sitting at home.

4. With Plastic Money (Debit / Credit card) you can exchange as much money as you want in your country or even abroad.

5. If you use a credit card, you also have the option to make purchases on credit or pay later.

6. Plastic cards can be used for online payments, fund transfers and many other transactions.

So what are the plastic money ke interactions of your knowledge? Now let’s talk about what can be “Nuksan” from “plastic money”. Because everything has its advantages and disadvantages.

What are the Disadvantages of Plastic money? 

1. If you always use Plastic Money, you may have to face trouble at that place. Where payment is not taken from plastic money.

2. Village countryside, small shopkeepers and most of the stores do not use plastic money. If you buy something, you have to pay cash. Debit card / Credit card will not be of any use there.

3. If under any circumstances your Plastic Money (Cash Card, Credit Card, Debit Card, Pre-Paid Cash Card, In-Store Card) is forgotten, then it is necessary to close the card. So that no one can misuse it.

4. Not all can use plastic money for daily needs. You cannot pay by card to your milkman, servant, newspaperman etc.

5. In some cases, the outlets charge additional service charges for the card, in which the customer may also suffer a loss if he pays through the card.

6. In an emergency the magnetic stripe of the card sometimes gets damaged which makes the card unusable. In such a situation, you may also have to face trouble.

7. By using Plastic Money, you also have to pay an annual charge to the bank.

How to Avoid the loss of Plastic Money?

If you have become completely dependent on plastic money or cards, then this can be your biggest mistake. You do not have to do this, you should keep both cash and card with you for money payments, or transactions, use both according to the need.

If you buy goods somewhere and the Plastic Money card is not being accepted there, then you can give cash money in that situation. And can get rid of the damages etc.


So you understand that it is also easy to pay with the “plastic money advantages and disadvantages” card, but in some cases, the card also causes losses. Like retailers, people of the village countryside do not know how to use such plastic cards. So in such a situation, you should keep the service of both money and card with you.

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