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Pubg Mobile Game Questions and answers – PubgQNA:- Hello Guys, welcome Once Again all of you in this blog. today I am going to talk about Pubg Mobile Game Question and answer. because there are many problems under the pubg mobile game. in this pubg Tutorial QNA, we will discuss all the important question and answer which belongs to the pubg mobile. if you want to know about pubg related questions and answers you can read all below.
It is helpful for all students, beginners people and pubg players. let’s know about Pubg Mobile Game Question and answer.

Q. What is pubg mobile?

Pubg Mobile is the Battle Royale game. and it is developed and published by Krafton which is based on a South Korean video game by bluehole company. the full name of PUBG is Player unknown’s Battle Ground. it is available for Android Devices and iPhone devices.

Q3. why pubg mobile is so popular?

Pubg mobile game is one of the most popular games in the world. and it is also supported for mobile and pc. there are many reasons for the popular Pubg mobile game.
1. it is available for All devices Android and iOS.
2. it is fully free.
3. it is available in the playstore. you can install it easily.
4. its graphics are very good. it just like a real-life Game.
5. it is allowed to play this game with your friends. and
6. it gives permission to chat with your friend and another player.

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  1. Hi I’m a pubg player got a question
    I bought RP and next week the season is ending and I’m on rp 92 right now finished all the missions of weekly n stuff is there anyway where by I can increase my rp to 100 without spending money

  2. If I will reach ace this season and next season i will be in platinum 1 in top 500 in platinum tier will i reach conqueror and get all the reward of conqueror?
    Pls reply

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    Did i lost my UC?

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