Pubg Mobile Tutorial For All Pubg Player 2020

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Pubg Mobile Tutorial  For All Pubg Player:- Hello friends, in this post we are going to talking about Pubg tutorials because nowadays pubg is a trending game and also a famous game in India and all over the world.

So, I thought to make a tutorial on pubg, because this is also important for beginners.  and now I will be covering various trending topic and question which are related to pubg. and the user always asks this type of question.

pubg mobile tutorial for all Pubg Player, what is pubg,how to download pubg,pubg review,techonroid
pubg mobile tutorial  for all Pubg Player

What Is Pubg

Pubg is a game. its full name is player unknown’s Battle Grounds.this is the actional game. and you can play this game in Your Android and iPhone Mobile or PC. and you can play it only online. in this game, many players can be played together.
You can Say it in your own language, Pubg is a Battleground . in which multiplayer can play together, as an unknown player, and Your friends which joined in pubg game.
if you search this game on pubg its short name is Pubg Mobile. why is it? because now this is available in Android and iPhone mobile. you can easily play from anywhere.
if you play this game. then you will be really imagining just like real life. because its interfaces are very good . its character are very amazing also look like a real human.
then, friends, I am discussing some important topic Pubg Mobile or PC related which is more necessary for all Pubg Player.

When and where pubg built

Pubg Game launched in 2017 in all over the world. and pubg game is made in bluehole company. which makes Korean video games and it is a famous company. and it has been published by Tencent Games.


it was firstly launched for Microsoft windows. and then launched for Android and iOS Operating system.

Feature of Pubg Mobile Game

In this, you get many features. which we are telling you below, let’s know about the feature of Pubg Mobile Game.
1. Realistic 
in this game, the character looks like a real man. it shows the real-life human.
the weapon also looks like a real-life weapon. and you can see other players look like your real friends.

In Pubg Game Many things look like Realistic. and you can imagine it.

in pubg game, its graphics are better. powerful unreal engine 4 has been used for its graphics. it gives realistic gameplay effects.


in Pubg mobile, it’s the sound effect is also better. because of high-quality Audio, immersive 3D sound effects and 7.1 channel has been used.
4.Style Or travels
in this game, there are many traveling systems(as cars, trucks, motorcycles, and boats, etc.) that are available for the player.


5.Team Up
in this, you can play with your friends or make your own team. you can also chat with friends in the game and give instructions to other players.


in this game, you will be getting different types of Maps. which you can play on any map. you can imagine it like a city and forest areas.
7.Setting system.
you can set gaming display your own need. and you can change everything.

The requirement of pubg mobile

Now, if you want to play the pubg game. then this is necessary to know what is the basic requirement of pubg game.
1. pubg is an online gaming, always need the fast Internet. 
2. Smartphone and Earphone or headphone . and Android operating system(5.1, 7, 8, pie 9).the minimum  RAM- 3 or 4 GB for better gaming and 32 GB storage are necessary.
3. In PC, the minimum requirement is Ram – GB and i3 Process are needed.
This is a better experience for pubg mobile. this is live testing steps you can follow. I play it in Samsung J7 Prime2.

Is Pubg Mobile Free?

Yes, Pubg is free for Mobile and PC. you can download in free without any premium Requirements.
in this, you can earn Coin in free. which helps to buys a dress, weapon etc. you can always look different looks.
then now how to download Pubg mobile game. follow the step below.

How to Download Pubg Mobile Game.

if you want to Download the pubg game on the mobile. then follow the below steps.
Step1:- go to Playstore.
Step2:- search pubg mobile in the search box.
Step3:- Download/Install pubg Mobile. 
these are very easy steps to download pubg mobile.
Guys if you want to download in PC or laptop. you should be watching his minimum requirement. if you are eligible. you can also download.
To download the pubg mobile in pc. follow the steps below.
Step1:- go to Google and search Pubg download in Pc.
Step2:- You will see a bluestack and go its website and download.

if you want to download without bluestack. then search Tencent gaming buddy and click the link and download pubg for pc.
I hope you all are enjoying this articles”Pubg Mobile Tutorial  For All Pubg Player“. if you like this article please share with your friends and Relatives. for more update- always visit this website techondroid.

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