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Saliva testing app Download: How to use Saliva Testing app and Buy saliva test kits

Saliva testing works in conjunction with the COVID-19 Saliva Surveillance Testing Swab Testing Program. The COVID-19 Response Minister, Chris Hipkins, announced on 26 May 2021 that saliva testing would have to participate as part of mandatory testing and would be an option for border workers. Saliva testing workers may have some choice in the testing regime in which they participate.

If you are a resident of New Zealand then you must get Saliva testing done. If you have more frequent saliva testing that means extra protection for your safety and that of your whānau and our communities.

How to use Saliva Testing app (How does it work)

Saliva testing app and web portal can be easily used by following a few steps;

– First of all, You need to register for the COVID-19 Saliva Testing App.

– After that, Collect the tube and biohazard bag from the saliva collection booth.

– Then Open the Saliva Testing App and scan the barcode label on the tube.

– After that, Pour saliva into the tube to reach the 1ml mark, put the cap on the tube.

– Scan the barcode tube to confirm sample completion.

– Scan the large barcode at the drop-off point, insert the biohazard bag containing the tube into the drop off bin.

– The sample is picked up by a lab courier and transported to the lab.

– After that, the lab records the arrival test samples and sends the results electronically.

– You will get results in the same manner as your swab.

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How to Download saliva testing app?

After you have received confirmation that you have set it up, you can use the app. The app is a web-based app that is saved on your phone’s home screen instead of being downloaded. By the way, it cannot be installed officially from Apple or Google Play store. But it works like a normal app. Let’s see it.

Step 1: Users need to first Open any browser like chrome or safari on their smartphone.

Step 2: Then Visit the official link “” or scan the QR code.

Step 3: Now Tap on the “three Dot” option or Setting menu and scroll down and click on the “Add to Homescreen” or (in chrome you will see the >>Install the app).

Step 4: After that, the saliva test app will be downloaded on your mobile home screen, and you can use it as an application for Android and iPhone.

How to get saliva testing kits for covid-19 NZ

A saliva test kit consists of 1 tube and 1 biohazard bag. And use plus an important barcode in the tube that you have to use to record your test in the app. Let us tell you from here that how to get saliva testing kits for covid-19 in new Zealand.

You can collect a test kit from any of the available pickup locations listed here throughout New Zealand. You will not need to pick up your test kit in Auckland.

New pick-up locations are being added to this list regularly – will keep checking back for new places.

You visit your employer and keep checking if they have test kits available at your workplace.

Well if you are collecting test kits from non-work places, you should collect at least 4 kits at a time to supply you with 2 weeks of saliva test

There is a need to manage the distribution and supply of test kits here, so we are instructed to collect a maximum of 4 kits from any place outside your workplace.

Current pickup locations can be viewed from the official website here.

Where to buy Saliva test kit for covid 19

To buy the saliva test kit for covid 19 new Zealand, Philippines and another country, you can easily use this guide. here you can use the link to buy a saliva test kit for covid 19. you can choose saliva testing kits according to your budget. Amazon provides various discounts.

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