Apply for Sears Credit Card Application Online, Benefits, Requirements and Customer Services

By | January 9, 2022

Sears is a popular department store known for its selection of equipment. If you’re a Sears buyer, you can use its credit card. Here you’ll find a Sears Credit Card and a Sears MasterCard issued by Citibank.

But the Sears Store card can be used by people who have maximum credit or better, with a credit score of around 660 or better. A good or better credit score is required for R Sears MasterCard, which is a score of 700 or above.  Friends if you want to know “How to Apply for Sears Credit Card, limits, Benefits,

How to apply for Sears Credit Card Application?

People can check some various steps to follow to apply for a Sears credit card. All you have to do is to follow the steps given below. And complete your 4 Step Verification, and you will be able to apply for Sears Credit Card with ease.

Step 1:  Firstly Go to the official site of “Sears Credit Card Application Form”  using Browser.

Step 2: You can see the two options. Click on Sears Card®.

Sears Credit Card Application

Sears Credit Card Application

  1. Sears Card®
  2. Shop Your Way MasterCard®

Step 3: After that enter your name, email id and contact number in your personal information.

Step 4: After that, Enter your Required residential status and click on the continue button.

Step 5: Then Fill in the required details related to your Finacial income, such as your SSN.

Step 6: Finally after Completing the requirements Details, You have to click on Apply for a credit card now.

Note:- A message will be received for the compilation of all these processes and your card will be received soon. You will see it like this.

Sears Credit Card Requirements

  • You Must Provide the documents and information to apply for a Sears card. You will have to provide your real information for the credit card.. you need to provide the original Email id, current contact number, income details, rental details and SSN must be genuine.
  • And if you already use another credit card or have a loan. then you make sure that your credit score is above 650.

Sears Credit Card Annual Fees

  • It is totally free and has no annual fee for the Sears credit card.  it is also the best benefit of using this Credit card.

Sears Credit Card Limit

  • Before you can use the Sears Credit Card, you are determined to have a credit limit based on your credit score.
  • If you pay your bills on time and maintain keep a good credit score (660 ). you can able to increase your credit limit.
  • After using your card for 6 months, you will be able to get an increased credit limit.

Sears Credit Card Benefits

  • People who shop regularly from Kmart and Sears stores can get benefits.
  • With this, you can get up to 5% cashback
  • No annual fee is to be paid.
  • You can get special offers.

Sears Credit Card Customer service

You can visit the official website and mail your queries in the help section,

Another way is by calling their customer care number (800-669-8488).

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