Siriusxm app not working on Android, IPhone, PC Windows, Roku and Samsung TV

The SXM app is a music app that delivers the ultimate SiriusXM experience including ad-free music, plus live sports, original talk shows, Howard Stern, exclusive comedy, US and world news from every angle, and more. There are 425+ channels available here. Including ad-free music dedicated to your favorite decades, hits, genres, and genres.

But sometimes we are facing problems like SiriusXM being down, the SiriusXM app not working on Android or iPhone/ipad, PC Windows, Roku, Samsung TV, etc.

Then I am implementing some methods to fix these issues which can help to fix the Siriusxm app not working on Android do iphone, or unfortunately, siriusxm has stopped, I want to tell you that, please read the step by step method.

Why is Siriusxm app not working?

If the siriusxm app is not working or is down on Android and iPhone, PC Windows, Roku, Samsung TV, etc. then it could be due to a technical error, internet connection error, application maintenance mode, or bug. And this is generally common as this problem is seen in all the apps.

However, To fix the Sirius XM app not working, let’s know some procedures that can solve your problem to a great extent.

Some other reasons may apply

  • It can be down due to a crash of the application.
  • The application may be in maintenance mode for security purposes or new features.
  • The app may be down due to the server being busy.
  • The app does not work because the application is not updated.
  • There is more user engagement.
  • If the Application has new updates then the devices do not support the latest version.
  • Your Android mobile, iPad iPhone, or PC Windows, Samsung TV, and Roku do not support the application.
  • It may not be available in your country for free.

How to Fix Siriusxm app not working

Here is the method to fix “SiriusXM app not working”, and can be applied on Android, iPhone/ipad, PC Windows, Samsung TV, Roku, and other devices where it is not working properly. follow the below solution.

Check Internet connection:

You have to check their mobile internet connection or Wi-Fi network connection. if your internet connection is low/slow, then it will not work properly. Make sure you have enough data to run the application. otherwise, try another internet connection.

Update the Sirius XM App to the latest version:

You need to update the old Sirius XM app to the latest version because all technical errors or bugs will be removed in the latest version. after this, the app is cleared and refreshed to use.

Check Mobile device compatibility:

You also need to check the compatibility of your mobile devices such as Android, iPhone, Roku, smasung tv, and PC Windows. Make sure your mobile supports the latest version of the application, otherwise, you should get a newer one with the latest version.

Clear Cache File:

You can clear all storage cache files of the Siriusxm app, if you do this, it will refresh your application as new. then it can be working fine without any problems.

Steps – Open Setting>> Apps and Notifications>> select SiriusXM App>> click on storage>> Tap to Clear all.

Mobile Devices Time zone:

You must check your Mobile Devices Time zone and other devices, it will be important to set the regional time. then it will work and update properly.

Reboot Your Phone:

You can restart or reboot your mobile devices, because if the session expires then it will not work properly. therefore, you should restart, or switch off and reopen.

Use VPN:

In case this application is not available in your region, you must use the VPN and connect to the server. after that, it can work properly. 


If the application is paid, you cannot use it for free for a long time, and you will not be able to access the SiriusXM app. To fix and access this, please subscribe.

Wait for the Maintenance mode:

If you see a technical error or the above doesn’t solve the problem, you’ll need to wait until the maintenance mode completes, as it will take 24 hours. After completing this process, you can easily use it on your Android and iPhone devices, PC Windows, and Roku as well.

Contact Customer Care:

You need to contact customer care of the app and inform them about the problems and can speak to fix the problem. If there is a problem they will fix the problem.

Siriusxm App not working on Samsung tv

If the Siriusxm app isn’t working on a Samsung TV, you can fix it by updating the app from the App Store on the TV, turning the TV off and on again, and then using the Siriusxm app. You can also easily follow the above-given steps. Where you have been told 10 methods.

Siriusxm app not working on Roku

If SiriusXM crashes or isn’t working on a Roku device, power cycling the TV or Roku will solve most problems. Follow the steps to cycle your Roku.

  • Unplug the Roku or TV for 5 minutes.
  • After that plug the power cord back in and turn on the TV.
  • Update SiriusXM, and relaunch to use.
  • Or reset the software. [System Settings > System > Advanced System Settings>>Factory Reset >>Restart]


Here you will know the best possible solutions for the SiriusXM App Not Working on Android, iPhone, Windows, Roku, Samsung TV, etc. You can share this post with your friends and family.

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