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Social Media Tutorials For Beginners 2022

Hey everyone, Welcome back to my blog. As you know, I always update the article regularly for all of you. Similarly, today we are talking about Social media in detail as tutorials! because nowadays it is very trending all over the world.

There are many social media available in this modern period some are famous and some are not. like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, and Instagram, etc., You can use these social media for business and personal. so let’s know more about social media and its Advantages and Disadvantages also.
Social media means communicating with one another and other people. this is just like a physical online network. 

As in the Old period, we used letters to communicate with friends, relatives, and other people. similarly, nowadays we use social media to communicate with them. therefore, I want to tell you about social media, please read the important information.

What is social media?

Social media is a platform that allows communication with everyone. And it’s just available as a website and application. It allowed you to connect one person to another without any hesitation. It is also used for commercial purposes. Social media is an online service that makes any task easy.

It easily shares any information from one place to another at a time. And it is very easy to use. And also allows you to create your profile. Social media can help build relationships and you can also learn about education, and news, important information.

Types of social networks

The following are some types of social media.

  1. Social Network (Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In, etc.)
  2. Bookmarking Sites 
  3. Forums (Reddit, Quora, Digg)
  4. Media sharing networks (eg Instagram, Youtube)
  5. Social sites
  6. Microblogging
  7. Blogging & Publishing Network (WordPress, Medium, Blogspot, and Tumblr)

Features of Social media

If you want to become a highlight in the world. you can use it. social media can highlight you in a few seconds, minutes, or hours. it is fully dependent on your talent, skills, and your thinking. then let’s know about the Features of Social media.

1.  Social media services are web-based services.
2. any person can access it easily.
3. social media allow the user for making a profile. 
4. it can work very fast just like you think.
4. it spread all over the world.
5. it also gives work to the Unemployed and employed.
6. it allows communicating with friends, relatives, and other people.
7. it can help to spread your business.
8.  it gives security and privacy.

List of Social Media

Now, we will know how many social media are available on the internet. lets read 

  1. Facebook
  2. Whatsapp
  3. Twitter
  4. Instagram
  5. Linkedin
  6. Youtube
  7. Pinterest
  8. Tumblr
  9. Flickr
  10. Snapchat
  11. Reddit
  12. Quora
  13. Stumbleupon
  14. Viber
  15. Vimeo
  16. Skype
  17. Line
  18. Snapchat
  19. Telegram
  20. so on..

Which social media platforms are right for you?

In this world, there are many Social media networks and platforms available. but which social media are more popular and more usable?

  • Facebook
  • YouTube 
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Telegram
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • Whatsapp
  • Viber

Because of its most important Social media Platform which also gives good services and security. and you can easily use it from anywhere.

Advantage Of Social media

As you all know, there are many social media also check their advantages and Disadvantages.

1. Social media can be used for Advertising.
2. you can communicate with friends, Relatives and other friends 
3. we can interact with far friends and share it.
4. It works on time.
5. It can famous. then if you are working on it very cleverly.
6. you can make money with Social media also.
7. social media is also used in commercial Networks. 

These all are The Advantages of Social media. now we are going to talk about the Disadvantages of Social media.

Disadvantages of Social Media

There are many disadvantages of social media, let’s know about.

1. Any person can log in to this.
2. in social media there are many problems created online.
3. privacy is a big topic on social media.
4. Any hacker can hack your account. and he can also use it in the wrong ways.
5. The possibility of fake accounts on social media is big.
6. the main disadvantage of social media is Addiction.
So Friends I think the “Social Media Tutorials For Beginners” Article is better and more helpful for you really like this article. if you like this article share this article with your friends, and relatives. For more information, you can follow us regularly for new updates.

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