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Spypoint app not working, Connection Error or Down – Fixed 2022

The SPYPOINT is designed to work with the LINK series of cellular trail cameras. Using it, you can take pictures directly from your camera on your smartphone or tablet. You can activate your new camera, view your photos, and manage and monitor your trail camera from anywhere.

It includes Buck Tracker species recognition technology that lets you quickly sort and filter all your photos.

Many people are using this app, but suddenly the SPYPOINT app stops working, Spypoint says no internet connection, camera not working, getting spypoint app issues. This article can be helpful for you to understand its reason and solution.

Why is Spypoint app not working?

There can be many reasons behind this situation, such as technical errors, bugs and glitches, internet and wifi connection errors, old versions, and app maintenance mode.

For these reasons, the app is stoping you from using it. You have to fulfil all its requirements to fix it. I have given some hints below.

Spypoint App Says No Internet Connection

The Spypoint app says that there is no internet connection. It means your internet or wifi connection will be slow, or data may be out. To fix this, you need to check your internet and wifi connections and make sure you have enough data.

Spypoint app not showing pictures

If the spypoint app is not showing pictures, then you should check your internet connection and wifi connection. because the picture will not be loading due to a slow network. Apart from this, you should update the app.

Spypoint link-micro app not working

If spypoint link-micro app is not working then it could be due to technical issue, slow internet connection. So to fix this, reinstall or update the spypoint link-micro app, stabilize your internet connection, and allow the app for all the necessary things.

How to fix Spypoint app not working,

Here is the solution to fix the Spypoint app not working or down, this solution can be applied on Android, iPhone/iPad, PC Windows, and other devices. you can follow the below solution.

(1). Check the Internet connection: Check their mobile internet or wifi network connection. If your internet connection is slow, then it will not working properly. Make sure you have enough data to run the Spy point app. Alternately, try a different internet connection. 

(2). Update the Spypoint app to the latest version: You need to update the old Spypoint app to the latest version because all technical errors or bugs will be removed in the latest version. after this, the app is cleared and refreshed to use.

(3). Check Mobile device compatibility: Check the compatibility of your mobile devices, such as Android, iPhone, PC, and others. Make sure your mobile supports the latest version of the application, otherwise you should get a newer one with the latest version.

(4). Clear Cache File: You need to clear all storage cache files of the Spypoint app. If you do this, it will refresh your app as new. Then it will work fine without any problems. And the app not working can be fixed.

Follow the Steps to clear the cache file: Open Setting>> Apps >> select Spypoint mobile app>> click on storage>> Tap to Clear all.

On iOS: Go to setting>> General >> iPhone Storage >>Select Spypoint app>> Click on the Offload App.

(5). Mobile Devices Time zone: You need to check your Mobile Devices Time zone. it will be important to set the regional time. then it will work and update properly.

(6). Reboot or Restart Your Phone: You need to restart or reboot your mobile device if the session has expired. It will not work properly. Therefore, you should restart, or close and reopen.

(7). Use Any VPN: If the app is not available in your Country, you must use a VPN and connect to the eligible server. After that, it will work properly on your devices.

(8). Subscription: If the app is paid, you cannot use it for free for a long time, and you will not be able to access the Spypoint app. To fix this and access it, please subscribe to the app if the feature is available.

(9). Wait for Maintenance Mode to Complete: If the above method is not working then app may be in maintenance mode. You must wait until maintenance mode is complete. This process takes 24 hours. After completing this process, you will see it working on your Android and iPhone devices, Pc Window. And you can use it easily.

(10). Contact Customer care: You need to contact customer care of the app and inform them about the problems, and can speak to fix the problem. If there is a problem they will fix the problem.

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Why is my spypoint camera not connecting to my phone?

My spypoint camera not connecting to my phone can be due to technical problems, bugs and glitches, network errors, app not updated, and maintenance. To fix it, reinstall the app, check the network connection, wait for maintenance to complete, then try again.


This problem is a technical problem that can be fixed by the above methods. Usually, this problem keeps on coming with other apps, so this method is applicable to everyone.

However, problems such as the Spypoint app not working or being unavailable, as well as connection errors, can be resolved by following the troubleshooting steps outlined above. 


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