29 Comments on “Teachmint App Download For PC, Laptop, Android and iOS: How to use Teachmint web”

      1. when i scan QR code from my mobile to laptop it came but when class is class is going on i can’t go to live to join the class….first how to download this app in windows

  1. How to download in iPad, in app store it’s not coming in proper screen to body ratio and in GOOGLE CHROME for iPad, it’s still not working
    . Please help

  2. Hi This information is a bit wrong now teachmint web is available, search teachmint web on your laptop and then you will see a login button click on that and a QR code will appear, Now go to your phone or tab, iphone or Ipad, open teachmint and click teachmint web on top, if option not available update your app, if already updated go to the menu and then click teachmint web. I will put the link of the website in the website option

    1. Guys this is not wrong, in this post I have told you about how to download Teachmint App for PC. How to use it on PC is not mentioned.
      So please cooperate with us. And thanks for informing. Thanks a lot!

  3. this is scam if i am scanning QR code from mobile as student it is showing invalid QR code…..
    so what now?

  4. computer me teachmint work nahi kar rha . please login using your computer to use teachmint web thank you . please give me the solution

      1. teachmint app is also not working in mozilla fire fox . in mozilla firefox showen use chrome . when the problem is sloved tell me ..

          1. ye issue kab sahi hoga . login using your computer by teachmint web .. thank you

  5. hi i have followed the method of qr code able to open in laptop and pc but students are not able to hear me i can hear them what is the solution for it

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