How to Apply for the Thailand pass application in August 2022

Hello, through this post you will know about how to apply for the “Thailand pass application”, its requirements, form status and its services. read the full guide on the Thailand pass application.

What is Thailand pass?

Thailand Pass is an online registration system that you can complete from the online portal. This system has been established by the Thai government in response to the Kovid epidemic. The system acts as a pre-departure check to ensure easy entry upon arrival in Thailand. Each person (Thai and non-Thai, vaccinated and non-vaccinated) must obtain a Thailand Pass before flying to Thailand.

Once you complete the Thailand pass application online process, the details will be checked and if everything is in order then you will receive the Thailand pass QR code.

You will be asked to show this QR code when you check-in for your flight to Thailand and on arrival in Thailand, you will need to show it again to the screening officers at the immigration checkpoint. This is how Thailand Pass works. Travelers can register for Thailand Pass at

Thailand Pass application requirements

Thailand pass, application requirements

No Quarantine Documents

  • Passport
  • Thai Visa (if required)
  • Certificate of Vaccination
  • Insurance with minimum coverage of 10,000 USD (not required for Thai nationals / foreign residents in Thailand can use social security or certificate from their employer)
  • COVID-19 RT-PCR test result issued no more than 72 hours before departure (If unvaccinated / not fully vaccinated)

Quarantine Documents

  • Passport
  • Thai Visa (if required)
  • Paid AQ hotel reservation confirmation (including the fee for 1 RT-PCR test and airport transfer)
  • Insurance with minimum coverage of 10,000 USD (not required for Thai nationals / foreign residents in Thailand can use social security or certificate from their employer)

Who Can Apply for the Thailand Pass

A Thailand Pass is required for all travellers entering Thailand, whether they are Thai citizens or foreigners. As of May 1, 2022, Thailand Pass application and approval requirements depend on a traveller’s vaccination status.

1. Fully Vaccinated travellers

Under the No Quarantine Program, fully vaccinated travellers can enter Thailand. A vaccinated traveller is not required to book 1 night’s accommodation in an approved SHA+ hotel or complete an RT-PCR test on arrival.

Fully vaccinated foreigners must provide proof of COVID insurance and their vaccination certificate when applying for a Thailand Pass.

Thai citizens only need to provide their vaccination certificates as insurance is not required.

Unvaccinated children under the age of 18 can travel with a parent without vaccination. Parents must include children’s personal information when applying for a Thailand Pass.

2. Unvaccinated travellers

Unvaccinated have 2 options for entering Thailand.

1. Non-vaccinated travellers will be able to enter Thailand under the current 5-day optional quarantine programme; either

2. Unvaccinated travellers can enter the No Quarantine program by completing an RT-PCR test and uploading the results to their Thailand Pass application. The test cannot be older than 72 hours from the date of their arrival.

How to Apply for Thailand Pass Application

To apply Thailand Pass Application, you must first have all the necessary documents scanned and kept with you. After that, you can follow the further process.

Step 1: Go to the official website

  • To apply, visit the Thailand Pass official website

Step 2: Please select the type of travel into the country

  • After that, you will get to see two options – Air Travel and Land Travel. Click on the one you want to do.
Apply for Thailand Pass Application
Thailand pass, application ,apply

Step 3: Registration System for Entering Thailand (for air travel only)

  • After choosing one option, you have to choose from both the options – Thai and Non-Thai.

Step 4: Chose your Language

  • After that, you will choose the language English or Thai, you can choose English it not know thai language.

Step 5: Select No Quarantine or Quarantine

  • You will see the two options on your screen No Quarantine (ไม่กักตัว) and Quarantine.
  • Along with this, read the necessary condition and the required document.

Step 6: Check The Terms and Conditions

  • If you choose the Quarantine or no quarantine option, you need to tick the Terms and conditions. then click on the ‘Confirm’ option.

Step 7: Enter Purpose of Arrival

In this section, you have to enter all the required information and click on the Register option.

register for thailand pass application
Thailand pass, application ,apply
  • Departure from country/area
  • First Arrival Port in Thailand (City)
  • Flight Number (Arrival Thailand)
  • Date of Arrival
  • Estimated Date of Departure from Thailand

Note: After submitting the Thailand pass application form, proceed with the further process.

How to check Thailand pass application status?

If you want to check the status of the Thailand pass application, you must follow the step below.

  1. Go to the check status link for Thailand pass Application. (
  2. Then enter your access code, Passport Number and Email address in the blank boxes.
  3. After that, you need to click on the ‘Check Profile ‘ button.

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