Tinder Not Accepting Credit Card – How to Fix it

Tinder is a platform where features like Dating, Make Friends & Meet New People are available. But sometimes the problem comes with Tinder Not Accepting Credit Card. Which many have come to do. After researching them, I have figured out a way to make Fix Tinder Not Accepting Credit Card payments. So do read till the bottom.

If you can’t buy tinder gold on android, can’t buy on tinder and have other problems then you can follow one of its best solutions.

Why can’t I purchase on Tinder?

The reason why you can’t purchase on Tinder may be that you have disabled online transactions on your credit card. For this, open your credit card app or website and make sure that online transactions are enabled.

If you have already transacted up to the limit this month, then you are not able to make purchases on Tinder due to payment limits on your account.

In some cases, the problem is not with your credit card and it is the app itself (Tinder) that is running into some problems. So you get to see tinder gold purchases unsuccessful.

If your payment fails again and again and you attempt more times, then you are stopped for a few hours.

If there is a problem with paying with Visa, Mastercard, etc. You must make sure that your card is not expired, if it does, add another card.

Now that we have understood something about the problem, then we should try ways to fix it. Let’s see.

Steps to Fix Tinder Not Accepting Credit Card?

Here is the step to fix Tinder Not Accepting Credit Card.

1. Check Your Credit Card Type

You need to add credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. because tinder doesn’t accept all types of credit cards. visa and MasterCard are good and safe for payment using the tinder app.

2. Add Correct Credit card Details

You will need to make sure that you enter the correct visa and master card number, CVV number and Expiry date. once you enter all the required details of your card, review the information and then proceed.

3. Check whether Credit cards Expire or Not

Check whether your credit card is expired or not before using it. You may also have to face this problem due to expiration. If the credit card gets expired, please renew it and use it again.

Note – If there is no problem with the above solution, then you have to fix it in the app. Because due to a problem in the tinder application, your credit card may not work. Let’s fix tinder.

4. Update Tinder App

You will need to update the Tinder app to the latest version, as all the issues are ticked in the new version. And after that, you can easily add Visa or MasterCard to it.

To update the tinder app for android, must visit the google play store and for iPhone, you need to visit the apple app store and search for the app and tap to update button, if it is available.

5. Clear the Cache of your tinder App

You need to clear all the cache files of the tinder app because Cache collects temporary data stored on your device to speed up app loading and other areas. All such applications store some amount of cache data. Sometimes this becomes the source of the problem. how to clear it.

For iPhone users – Go to phone Setting>> Generals>>iPhone Storage>> Tinder app >>offload app>> Delect App>> Then click to install it.

For Android user – Go to phone setting>> App>> Select Tinder App>> Storage >> CLick to Clear Cache File.

6. Wait for Maintenance Mode to Complete

Sometimes you have to wait until the maintenance mode is completed. Maintenance mode is up to 24 hours to fix technical issues and bugs. In the meantime, you cannot use Tinder. So it is necessary to wait till completion.

Can’t purchase tinder gold on android

If you cannot buy tinder gold on android then you have to check the payment method on your tinder android app. If your credit card is disabled, enable it. You have to update the latest version of your app from the playstore. After that, you can buy tinder gold on android.


Why won’t my card work on tinder?

My Card will not work on Tinder if you use cards other than Visa, MasterCard, and American Express cards. So use the card Tinder accepts.

Why is Tinder not accepting my card?

Tinder is not accepting the card, as your card may have expired, does not accept any card other than Visa, American Express and MasterCard, or you may have entered the card details incorrectly. Also, your app is not accepting tinder cards due to the old version.

Can you pay for tinder with a credit card?

Yes, you can pay for Tinder with a credit card. But you have to use a credit card that Tinder accepts. Tinder allows the linking of Visa, MasterCard and American Express cards.

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