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How to Apply for Toys for tots application?

The U.S. Marine Corps collects toy donations from generous citizens across the United States and distributes them to children in need through a program called “Toys for Tots.” Parents can register for their children to receive gifts on the toys for tots website. Toys for tots online sign-up is easy how to apply toys for tots application online.

About Toys for tots program

Marine Toys for Tots Program is a mission that collects new unwritten toys and distributes those toys among all the poor children on Christmas. Its main purpose is also to share the joy of Christmas through the gift of new toys and to send a message of hope to America’s less fortunate children.

This application is accepted and managed by the local Marine Toys for Tots campaign in your area. however, the Foundation does not have the ability to accept toys for tots applications from families and nonprofits nationally. As such, please contact your local Marine Toys Tots campaign to apply.

How to Apply for Toys for tots application?

If you want to apply for Marine Toys for Tots this coming Christmas, you can visit the Find Your Local Campaign page from its official website ( to find a local Marine Toys Tots campaign in your community.

Step 1: Visit the official website

Step 2: Click on the Request a Toy from the Menu bar. Here you can read about program details and click the ‘Click here’ button to be redirected to find your local campaign page.

Step 3: Click Find Your Local Campaign from the top menu bar.

Step 4: Scroll down and Select Your State and Your City or County in the FIND YOUR LOCAL MARINE TOYS FOR TOTS CAMPAIGN section.

toys for tots,
Toys for tots
toys for tots,
toys for tots application online

Step 5: Now you will reach the Toys Application page by city. click on Apply for Toys.

Step 6: After this, you have to click on the existing link for registration. And complete the form with all the necessary information. The application process will continue from October 1 to December 1.

Instructions for applying the form according to the state and county can be seen in the Marine Toys For Tots Campaign. So proceed according to your state and city or county.

Please note that in many areas, Toys for Tots Local does not provide toys to individual families. Rather than only to agencies like the Salvation Army or the United Way. if you have accessed the local toys for tots page in your area you may be directed to contact a specific nonprofit to request toys.

How to check Toys for Tots Application Status?

After applying for the toys application, you can check the application status through its official website. follow the step below.

1. Visit the Toy Application Status Lookup page.

2. Scroll down and Select an option you want to check status.

  • Families and Individuals CLICK HERE to check your application.
  • Agencies and Non-Profits CLICK HERE to check your application.

3. Enter the last name of the point of contact on your application.

4. Enter the control number assigned to your application. or

5. Enter the email address provided with your application.

6. Click on the LOOKUP Button.

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