Truth Social App Not Working: How to Fix this Problem 2022

Many people are getting troubled by the problem of social apps not working. And see some such issue, is the truth social down? But don’t worry, I have included all the troubleshooting solutions that you can use to solve sign-up problems. You can also use the app as well. Read the full article to know more. The Truth Social App has already been launched by T-Media Tech LLC on the Apple Appstore on 21 February 2022. Many users are getting this error: Something went wrong. Please read this post carefully.

Truth Social App Not Working – Social Media by Donald Trump

Recently Truth Social has recently been launched for iOS only. And the app was downloaded automatically for Apple device users who pre-registered on the Truthsocial website. Many users who have downloaded the app got this error while creating an account on TruthSocial. something went wrong. Please you can easily fix it.

Why is Truth Social App Not working?

If you are getting this error pop-up while signing up or using the Truth Social app. They should not worry about that. This is because the demand for Trump’s Truth Social App is very high.

The Truth Social server may not be able to handle all these requests in one go due to overcrowding of users. Therefore, users should try to create an account after 30 minutes or an hour. And it will start working for you.

If you have joined the Truth Social Waitlist; If you have, you are already one step ahead of the future. All you have to do is create an account after downloading the app from the Apple App Store. If you are new and don’t know how to create an account then click here.

If you are not able to use the Truth Social app on Android then it is not available to you on the google play store for Android. You may face risks and scams by downloading other sources like Truth Social apk.

Therefore, you can constantly watch the ‘Truth Social Not working techonroid’ update and follow the trick to fix it.

Truth Social App Something went wrong

Recently many people are getting to see the issue of truth social something went wrong. The main thing to do is more server engagement and server busyness. To fix this you have to wait a bit otherwise you may get to see something went wrong error again.

How to Fix Truth social app not working?

If the Truth Social app is not working or is down on your mobile phone, then you can follow these steps.

  1. Update the truth social app from the Apple App Store or Google play store.
  2. Check the Mobile Devices Time zone
  3. Check your location, Not outside of the USA
  4. Switch off your Mobile and Restart Again
  5. Uninstall the App and Install it Again.
  6. Check your mobile Device Compatibility
  7. Clear all storage Cache files of Truth Social App From Setting >> Apps and Notifications.
  8. Use a Vpn for connecting to other servers. then you can easily access it on your devices.
  9. Report truth social app customer

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Truth Social Customer Service

Users can easily contact the Truth Social Support team if all the above-mentioned methods are not working. Then, you can contact the Truth Social team at their official email: and elaborate on your issue and get a solution.

Truth Social App Down

It is not working as it may be under maintenance, the server may be down and busy, or your internet data exceeded the limit. you need to do this;

  • Update the App
  • Restart your phone
  • Check internet connection
  • Check device compatibility
  • Update your device
  • Clear app cache file from app setting
  • Use any VPN


Friends, we have included all those methods which will be possible. With the help of this you can fix the truth social app not working problem, and sometimes the server is loaded on the truth social server, so the message of truth social app error is being seen. Hope you liked this information, share it with your friends and follow techonroid.