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  1. Very exciting times people weve been waiting for these days for a very long time
    Bring on the 1000 year’s of peace Were ready

  2. I live in Cornwall England and I trust your knowledge and love for us ALL in the world .. I would feel PRIVILEGED if you would add me to your GROUP of people on your OWN NEW SOCIAL MEDIA PAGE .. Many thanks .. Lynn Lintott

  3. Why did you call President Trump, “Former US Prime Minister”?? Are you already going to start causing divisiveness? I found it quite rude that you didn’t address him appropriately.
    I look forward to joining TRUTHSOCIAL.COM message platform. I am also on Parler. Another the technies tried to destroy, but who also cam back. Thank God for our FREEDOM FIGHTERS.

  4. President Trump ,I am 60 yrs old .I’m also on SSD my father was abusive (violent) my three brothers never made it past there 50s (Drugs and suicide got them) I have two daughters that graduated collage and have good jobs one moved to Canada.I would like to contribute to you what I can but I don’t have a credit card . I have a debit card ,but I don’t like to put that on line If you could give me a way to donate it would help.

  5. President Trump sir I believe even Mr Putin , would have done a much better job getting his people out of Afganistan, I come from a NY I wish so bad it would turn red .I was abused by my father growing up (violent beatings broke my nose when I was six .When my mom was pregnant with my little sister he beat her.Kicked her and broke her ribs.Then he would not let her go to a hospital .Thank God I learned never to hit in my family.I also got sexually mollested by three different people wtf ! I must have something like parents who didn’t keep track of me.I knew it was so wrong I told my priest (Catholic) then he tried to get some of me.I ran out this time and never looked back .He came to my house I never told my parents.The other was an old man that acted like a grandad to kids like me.He used to take a few of us up to his farm about nine miles out of town to sleep over he had all kinds of toys and a big house loads of ice cream and TV dinners.He got me alone one night and I woke up and he was molesting me.I prayed to God for it to be over.When he was done he just put on his robe and went to bed ,I got dressed and locked myself in the bathroom got in the shower with all my close on ans made it as hot as possible I was nine yrs old.The next day he dropped me off nothing was said , but I stayed away from him .I wonder how many of my friends he got.I never told my parents my father would have probably beaten my mom for letting me goI don’t think I’m bleeding the system sir , it just all caught up with me.One day I was painting a house for a guy he was scum to paid me crap even though I used my van,and he never paid all the taxes and stuff.So I am on ssd , Im married we had two daughters .I hope you get my other message.Thank you sir for not abbandoning us After your done fighting all the creeps and leeches and you serve out your whole terms you might want to back Jim Jordon for president.I probably wont be around then.My wife and daughters are very smart my daughters have good job,one is a biologist working on a cure for the CCP virus.I respect you very much sir , I know your whole family has given a lot.Your the best sir I know you will never say die.

  6. Hi Mr President Trump,

    I have been a vocal supporter of yours since you announced that you were running for President. Im from Malaysia and I’ve started a Donald Trump Fan Club here..members are from my family but its slowly growing.. and I’d love to be on your Truth Social. I know your plans.. and I think the strategy is perfect..let Americans get a taste of Joe Biden.. till it sickens them to such an extent, that they’ll never vote for a Democrat ever. Thank you for all that you’ve done. Though I’m not an American, I know that what you’re doing will percolate to the rest of us around the world. Jesus love you. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, AGAIN!!

  7. We have missed you tremendously, President Trump.
    I miss the uncommon honesty, the common sense, and the
    Big stick you carried while walking softly.

    We the people of America appreciate what you did for this country while in office, and we the people of America are mournful of this present administration, and what the swamp, shadow government, and puppets of them are knowingly doing to this country to Bring the last best place in the world down to its knees. Non of this is by accident. Obama is playing an active roll in the take down, we know ol’ Joe owed the Chinese, and was obviously paid by our technology of our weapons left behind.

    The lives lost because he did the withdrawal deliberately ass backwards is criminal, and all who had a hand in it should be prosecuted and imprisoned to the highest extent. Yet they try to blame it on you. We the American people know better.

    We know that if the voting system isn’t changed to where a flick of a key can change a vote, we will never see another Republican President in this country, and consequently will be a new dictatorship, which they are showing to be already by mandates that go against the constitution.

    Thank you for your service and giving America 4 yrs. of freedom, albeit, at your own expense and sacrifice. You are a true father to this country for what you and you wonderful family endured on behave of America!

    I am so happy to be a part of your social media, President Trump. God Bless you❤️

  8. President Trump, I’m so happy you are starting this social media sight. You are the best. I pray every night for God to look after you and your family. I can’t hardly wait for all these evil people that has harmed these children and our country to be dealt with. I respect you so much our country needs a good man like you. The Democrat party needs to go away and never come back in. I also believe there should never be mail in ballets and there should be term limits in the White House. Nancy Pelosi and the rest of them no good Democrats got rich off of use and did nothing for us but hurt our country they should have term limits. They need to be dealt with also. God Bless you President Trump I know you never left us.

  9. Mr. President I hope youha e better judgment on who you bring o board than you did on your administration. If the peraon worked for google, facebook, or twitter they shoukd be consider persona non gratta, no exceptions. Avoid past mistakes!

  10. Thank for my fear🙏❤️🇺🇸 God love us.
    WE whait to your come back soon.
    Spread the truth, we are ready!
    Thank for all🙏🇺🇸❤️

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