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TWIC Card Application: How to get a TWIC card?

Here you can learn the TWIC Card Application, and how to get a TWIC card, you can check out the requirements and who is eligible for applying for a Twic card.

What is a TWIC Card?

TWIC is an identity certificate whose full name is Transportation Worker Identification Credential. It is required by the Maritime Transport Security Act for workers who need access to the country’s maritime facilities and safe areas of ships.

The TSA conducts a security threat assessment to determine an individual’s eligibility and issue credentials. US citizens and immigrants in certain immigration categories can apply for the credential. Most sailors licensed by the US Coast Guard also require a credential. With regard to card use and facility access requirements, you may The Coast Guard should be contacted.

Who is eligible for a TWIC card?

Eligibility for TWIC Card – Drivers may be eligible to apply for a TWIC card if they –

  • Must be a US citizen.
  • be a lawful permanent resident
  • Is a naturalized citizen or non-immigrant foreigner.
  • asylum or refugee in lawful status

Requirements for TWIC card

The following requirements are required to apply Twic card application.

  • Providing information such as fingerprints
  • sitting for a digital picture
  • Successfully pass the Security Threat Assessment conducted by the TSA. The security threat assessment considers convictions, arrests, warrants and indictments for certain offences and other background information.

How to get a TWIC card?

1. Complete the application online or in person at an application centre.

2. Schedule an appointment online or call (855) 347-8371 on weekdays, 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.

3. Visit a TWIC Application Center:

  • Provide required documents
  • Obtain fingerprint (drivers that are already fingerprinted for their Hazmat support can use the same print)
    take face photo
  • Your current U.S. Present passport, driving license, birth certificate or other acceptable documents
    Pay the non-refundable fee with a credit card, money order, company check or certified/cashier’s check valid for five years

4. Receive your TWIC card in the mail or pick it up at the Application Center. You can check the status of your Twic card application online.

How to Apply for TWIC card Application?

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Twic card application

To apply for the Twic Card application, you must visit the official page, and click on this link.

You need to complete 10 steps, and enter all the required details- Legal Name, Method of Contact, and others.

After doing this click to Next button and fill out the required details and submit it.


How long does it take to get a TWIC Card?

TSA takes up to 30-45 days for all applicants. So you have to have some patience.

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