Ukraine social Credit Application Diia (Benefits): How to Register for your Business

In 2020 an application called Diia was launched by the government that provides identity cards, passports, licenses, immunization records, registration, insurance, health reimbursement, social benefits, and much more at once. A model that we used to know with the famous social credit only in China but now it is also Ukraine social credit. Ukraine is a champion of digital identity with the Diia app.

It was noted long ago, then stemming from the COVID crisis, that governments wanted to move towards the digitization of everyday life by bringing almost all services together over the telephone.

Whereas in 2018 the European Union announced a test to digitize vaccination record wallets and identities. Ukraine was in a very hurry to react to a Diia application posted by the government there almost two years ago. Since then, the development of the platform has continued.

Ukrainians can download the Diia app and store a lot of official information there as mentioned above. The aim of which is to be able to easily complete most of the administrative procedures which go a long way in paying their taxes to renew their identity cards. Including their payment. Also recovery of fine or social benefits thereof.

Here Ukraine was projected as the champion of digitization before the war broke out in late February. And by early 2021, it had already claimed over 4.5 million active users.

However, a closer look of what is now being done reveals that Poland, like Ukraine, has a mobile application that was launched in late 2019.. This Polish app displays seven digital documents and allows users to identify themselves. A digital ID card in places where a paper passport is not required by law.

If you are a resident of Ukraine and want to know the information about Ukraine’s social credit application Diia System, then you have to read this post completely. Also, you How to Register Your Business with Diia App? will get information.

What is the Ukraine social credit application Diia System?

By using its application the user can store around 50 services. Also helps you keep up to 9 official documents (like your identity cards, passports, vaccination details, insurance, registrations, insurances, health reimbursements, and more social benefits.) By 2021 4.5 million users were already actively using the app. But these cards can cover a total of 12 services and Ukraine is also the first country to have a valid digital ID.

Diia app Ukraine social credit Benefits

Here are the Diia app Ukraine social loan benefits…

  1. Diia is a Ukraine social credit system or platform that fits easily and keeps all the necessary documents in one place.
  2. Diia app prevents the loss of documents.
  3. Makes the people of Ukraine digitally aware. And helps more in all the document related work.

You can keep 9 digital documents in your e-wallet

  1. driver’s license,
  2. IDP certificate,
  3. Birth certificate,
  4. tax number,
  5. vehicle insurance policy
  6. vehicle registration certificate
  7. student card
  8. foreign biometric certificate
  9. identity card

How to register for your Business with Diia App?

You need to follow the step to register your business with the app.

  1. First of all, you have to install the Diia app from Google Play Store.
  2. Thereafter complete Annexure-2 Regular and Associate Member contracts.
  3. You will now need to fill out Annex 2 for the “Regular and Associate Member Agreement”, and in addition to Annex 1, for Community Member Registration.
  4. Note that Annex 1 must be signed by someone with signing authority.
  5. After filling out the form, you can send them directly to the Diia membership team at
  6. After scrutiny of the application, you receive an invoice for your membership dues, all charges will cover the entire year and the payment is not in pro-rata format.
  7. Your membership information will be shared with IEEE-ISTO immediately after payment is accepted. And the membership agreement will also be signed by the General Manager on your behalf.
  8. After the completion of the process, the agreement will be mailed along with the email.

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