How to fill out a Universal title Application? – New jersey PDF form download 2022

The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission recently offered a Universal Title Application (OS/SS-UTA R1/20) that will be used to apply for a duplicate, replacement and vessel title.

To apply for title correction, and to add a lien or remove a lien.

UTAs will also be used in situations that first require Form OS/SS-7 (often referred to as CO-7). Such as applying for New Jersey title when a vehicle was previously titled outside New Jersey, or submitting paperwork for ATVs, trailers, or non-titled units of any kind.

Anyone involved in automotive work at an NJ CAR dealership can view the 4-minute web tutorial available at Which can answer many possible questions related to UTA.

The following forms have been replaced by UTA, which can be used as and when required.

  • Duplicate Certificate of Ownership (OS/SS-52);
  • Application for Certificate of Ownership (OS/SS-7);
  • Application for Certificate of title for Vessel (OS/SS-27);
  • Vehicle Correction Application (MVS-2); and
  • Financing Statement a/k/a Add Lien Application (OS/SS-85C).

Universal Title Application

The dealership is required to affix a New Jersey sales tax stamp to the UTA when applying for an initial title. The tax stamp should be placed on the front of the form, at the top border. If it won’t fit the range, stamp the back of the UTA.

UTAs will be accepted by agencies throughout New Jersey. NJ MVC has humbly agreed to allow the Dealership to use either the old form or the UTA during the adjustment period.

The interim period will allow the dealership to do away with the old form and incorporate the UTA in its electronic database.

How to fill out a Universal title Application?

To fill out an NJ (New jersey) universal title application, you must download the NJMVC universal title application form pdf.

Universal Title Application pdf
Universal Title Application pdf form

Open the form and enter all the required details like –

Step 1 – Title Transaction Type
Step 2 – Vehicle Information Vessel Information
Step 3 – Vehicle/Vessel Owner Information
Step 4 – Changing Lienholder Information? (Complete ONLY if Adding or Removing a Lien on Vehicle/Vessel)
Step 4 – Changing Lienholder Information? (Complete ONLY if Adding or Removing a Lien on Vehicle/Vessel)
Step 5 – Representative Information (Complete ONLY if Representative is NOT the Current Owner or Lienholder)
Step 6 – Duplicate Titles (Check All That Apply and Attach Required Documents/Proof of Ownership or Lienholder)
Step 7 – Recipient Information (For Mail-In Applications ONLY – Initial Titles Excluded)
Step 8 – Certification and Signature(s)
Motor Vehicle Commission Use Only:

You can mail on this Mail this application, fee, copy of ID(s), and supporting documentation to:

New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission
225 East State Street
MOS Special Services, PO Box 150
Trenton, NJ 08666-0017

Universal title Application/ NJ Duplicate title form pdf Download – Link

Eligibility Requirements

This form must be used to apply for the New Jersey title. The applicant (the person signing this application) must be the owner, lien holder, or one.

The owner/lien’s authorized representative may submit this completed application and all supporting documents in person to our local New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) agency.

All applicants or representatives must submit supporting documents, such as proof of ownership or authorization, and must provide proper identification when submitting this application.

• Original documents: These are required when the release of a lien is requested or when a power of attorney is used.

• Original or certified copies: These are required for court documents, such as divorce orders and court orders.

• Photocopy, fax or scan: These are acceptable for photo identification (ID)

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