Unroll Me App, download

Unroll Me App Download for Android, iPhone & How to use Unroll Me Step by step

Friends, if you are also fed up with getting spam emails, then you must read this information. Today we will tell about Unroll.Me App, with the help of which you can unsubscribe any number of emails. It is absolutely safe and secure. How to download and use Unroll Me App? Let everything go

What is Unroll.Me?

Unroll.Me is an online service portal and app that brings you a list of all your active subscriptions, so you can easily unsubscribe those you no longer wish to receive with a single click. The Unroll Me app and portal aim to help you manage your inbox more efficiently by getting rid of inbox clutter.

Not only this, Unroll Me can also combine all the subscriptions of your which you want to receive in one email, and that is called ‘The Rollup’. Instead of spending a lot of time scrolling through your inbox and looking for unread subscription emails, you can read all your favorite subscriptions at once.

For the time being, Unroll.Me supports Outlook.com  and it also includes (Hotmail, MSN and Windows Live), Gmail, Google Apps, Yahoo Mail, and AOL Mail. And as of March 31, 2019, the Mail services no longer supports iCloud/Apple-based email accounts.

To use it, all you have to do is sign up and then use the web app or download the mobile app to log in to your email account easily.

Unroll Me App Download for Android

Unroll Me App, download

– To download the Unroll Me App Canada for android you need to Open the Google Play store first.

– Then Type the “Unroll.Me – Email Cleanup” and Search it.

– Once you find it, select the App published by Unroll.Me

– After that click on the Install button and Wait for it to be installed successfully.

Unroll Me App download for iPhone/iPad (iOS)

– To download the Unroll Me App on iPhone and iPad, then Open your Apple AppStore on your ios device.

– After that, search “Unroll Me Email clean” and select the right app which is published by Unroll.Me

– After that click on the Install button and Wait for it to be installed successfully.

About Unroll Me App

The Unroll me app is the easiest and best way to manage your inbox. It allows unsubscribing from unwanted email subscriptions. And with New Searches, you can organize them all in one place.

With UnrollMe 3.0, you’ll be able to unsubscribe from unwanted email and even consolidate sales, newsletters, and listserv emails into one convenient daily digest called Rollups, and keep the rest in your inbox.

Try to stop stressing your inbox and spend time on the things that matter to you, and download the Unroll.Me app and get back “your time” that you were missing.

How to use unroll me app (Step-by-Step Registration)

To use and Register your account on the unroll.me website or App, you can easily follow the given institution step by step. 

1). First of all, You Need to go to the Official website of Unroll Me  App – website https://unroll.me/.

2). Click on the  Get Started button.

3). After this, Sign in using your account with Google, Yahoo, Outlook, or AOL.

unroll me app, registration
unroll me app registration

4). Please read and accept the terms and conditions carefully and click on the “I Accept” button.

5). Now you have to click on your selected email account.

6). For the next step, you have to set your strong password. Additionally, if you’ve linked your Google Account, you can also use the two-step authentication feature.

7). You can log in to your preferred email address.

8). Select your country and enter your phone number.

9). After that, a verification code will be sent to the number registered by you,
Then, turn on 2-Step Verification.

10). Unroll.Me then gives you various options as a form of security in addition to your two-step verification code as a backup.

Why Unroll me not working?

If unroll isn’t working for me or the password isn’t working today, it could be because of this;

  • This is not allowed in your country,
  • Due to maintenance mode,
  • or you are not eligible for these features. 
  • App not Update 

To fix these issues you can follow the below instruction:

  • you can check your internet connection,
  • check your country region,
  • Wait for complete maintenance. 
  • Update your Unroll me – email clean app

Unroll Me App Review

The Unroll Me app received 4.5 out of 5 with positive feedback on the Apple Appstore and 4.5 out of 5 with positive and negative comments on the Google Play store.

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