Upstart loan reviews, Apply, Application

Upstart loan reviews: Apply Application for Personal loan and Requirements

Hey, in this post, I am going to review the upstart personal loans, how to apply for upstart personal loans and requirements, and much more. So read the article carefully.

Upstart Loan Information

  • APR Range – 3.22% – 35.99%
  • Loan Amount – $1,000 – $50,000
  • Loan Terms – 36 Months or 60 Months
  • Recommended Minimum Credit Score – 300
  • Average Origination Fee – 0.00% – 8.00%
  • Late Fee – N/A

Upstart loan reviews

Upstart offers fast financing for its personal loans at relatively low rates and has positive customer service reviews. However, its personal loans are provided with certain charges. Hence it is important to compare the options of different lenders before applying. Borrowers with excellent credit may find lower fees elsewhere, but Upstart personal loans are a great option for those with reasonable credit or no credit history.

Upstart loan reviews Nerdwallet

Upstart’s underwriting process sets it unique from other online lenders. To qualify borrowers, the firm leverages artificial intelligence and non-traditional data such as college education, work history, and residency. Banks and other traditional lenders concentrate nearly entirely on a borrower’s credit record, loans, income, and assets.

According to the company, their underwriting process aids young candidates and those with a limited credit history in qualifying for a loan.

Upstart is best for borrowers who want something like –

  • Want the ability to change your payment date.
  • If you need quick money.
  • No need to manage your loan from mobile app.

Pros and cons of Upstart loan


  • Accepts new borrowers for loans.
  • After the borrower accepts the loan offer, we are able to lend within one business day.
  • Credit card consolidation offers direct payments to creditors along with debt.
  • Borrowers can select and adjust their payment date.


  • May charge an origination fee.
  • Only two repayment terms are available to borrowers.
  • No mobile app is needed to manage loans.

What are the Upstart Loan Requirements

1) you have a U.S. residential street address where you currently live; (Unless military personnel are on active duty, in which case the applicant is not required to have a U.S. residential street address.)

2) Are not living in West Virginia or Iowa;

3) Be at least 18 years old (Alabama and Nebraska applicants must be at least 19 years old);

4) have a valid email account;

5) have a verifiable name, date of birth and Social Security number;

6) Have a full-time job, a full-time job offer starting in 6 months (except if accepted to a partner Bootcamp and seek employment after graduation), a regular part-time job or a regular income from any other source;

7) with a routing transit number in the U.S. have a personal banking account in a financial institution;

8) meet our minimum credit requirements; And

9) If an existing borrower on the Upstart loan program, the borrower/applicant must (i) make timely payments for your last 6 consecutive payments without any failed payments, (ii) not have more than one outstanding loan application at the time of the Upstart Loan Program, and (iii) not exceed $50,000 of the total principal amount at the time of origination of the loan.

10) If you have finished paying off the existing Upstart loan and have made monthly payments on time for the last 6 months, you are able to apply for another loan after your most recent payment (14 from the date of payment day) .

60 before applying again if you ended up paying off an existing Upstart loan and none of the 6 most recent monthly payments were on time or you paid off the loan before you reached 6 monthly payments There is a cooling-off period of the day.

Upstart Loan Required Documents

  • List your name and company name
  • be recent – normally within the last 30 days
  • Be clear and complete (make sure we can see all 4 corners and read everything)
  • have your personal income

How to Apply for Upstart Personal Loan?

Applying for a personal loan usually involves pre-qualifying for the rate, submitting a formal application and waiting for loan approval. These are the steps to be followed to apply for an Upstart personal loan. Even then you will get approval.

upstart loan application apply

Step 1: First of all, Chech you are eligible or not, you have to keep all your documents ready. Check those which are required for an upstart Personal Loan.

Step 2: Visit the official website, Check your Rates and enter the amount and go to the next page.

Step 3: Now enter your Personal Information such as name, last name, Date of Birth, address, and email address and go to the next page.

Step 4: After that, Enter your financial information which is required on the application.

Step 5: Now Double check the application for accuracy and make sure that all provided information is correct and complete before you submit it.

Step 6: Submit your application. After that upstart provides a decision within 1 to 14 business days.

How to check Upstart loan application status?

To check your upstart loan application status, you have to log in to your account. After that, you have to go to the status from the application section and fill in the required details. After that, you can check the status by clicking on Check.

how long does it take upstart to review your application

Provides a decision on your application to Upstart within 1 to 14 business days. In most cases, it takes 2 to 17 business days to get the funds from Upstart Personal Loan.

Also, it takes 1 to 3 business days to receive the funds after approval. Keep in mind that this is a typical applicant’s experience, and in some cases, it may take longer.

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