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Vaxicode app download android, iOS- How to use 2022

What is VaxiCode App?

Vaxicode app is lauched by Ministère Santé et Services Sociaux du Québec. it is an official app that verifies proof of vaccination issued by the Official Du Québec. it can be downloaded from the google play store for android and the apple appstore on iOS.

VaxiCode allows citizens to register multiple proofs of vaccination with a single QR code, as well as verify the content of each QR code.

Using the vaxicode, every people can also track their protection status from COVID-19 by interpreting their proof of vaccination and saved vaccination proof is encrypted on the device. But vaxicode doesn’t send anyone for this. It is simply a presentation of the QR code allowing the user to communicate his proof of vaccination to third parties.

The main point, VaxiCode also says that it’s no usage analysis is collected by this ap. VaxiCode app Vaccine safety regulations require weekly updates via the Internet. also, the app asks permission from the user before downloading the new rules.

With the help of VaxiCode, you can access the camera to read the QR code of the proof of vaccination.

How to Download Vaxicode app on android?

vaxicode app download
vaxicode app
  • You can easily go to the google play store and search the application vaxicode. 
  • Choose the application which is published by Ministère Santé et Services Sociaux du Québec.
  • Now Tap to Install on your devices.

Vaxicode app download for iPhone, iPad and iOS

  • If you want to download the vaxicode for iPhone, iPad and iOS, you can easily go to the Apple Appstore and search the application vaxicode. 
  • Select the app published by Ministère Santé et Services Sociaux du Québec.
  • Now Click on the “GET” button and Tap to Install it.

How to use the Vaxicode app?

  • First of all, Install the Vaxicode app on your devices.
  • Now open the Vaxicode app, after that a welcome screen will appear. Click on the Next tab to continue.
  • The app will take some permissions like camera, storage and others. Click “Allow” and “Ok” to agree to it and continue.
  • The app will access your image and can select the QR code image from the photo gallery.
  • Here the QR code can easily select the image and the app will also ask you to add the vaccination proof. Then click on the Do tab.
  • After that click on Add proof and fill in your details. After that vaccination will appear on the screen.
  • If you don’t want to save it on the app, just scan it.
  • Otherwise, to save, you have to click on the Plus [+] sign on the top-right side of the screen.
  • A green banner proves that the vaccination proof is valid and a red banner proves that the vaccination proof is invalid.
  • When adding proof of vaccination, click Select a QR code image.
  • Select a QR code image from your photos – A green banner showing a COVID-free person.

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