How to download verified calls app by google download

verified calls app by google download:- Google announced about a verified call app features, which protect the business consumers to unknown calls. Google said in a blog post. “When participating businesses place the calls, Verified Calls establishes trust by confirming the identity in real-time. so users can be confident that calls aren’t spoofed,”

Verified Calls will display also the caller’s name, logo, reason for calling and a verification symbol. The new feature will be available to Android users on Google’s Phone app.

Google Verified Calls Feature

  • Details of businesses will appear in Google verified calls App Feaure.
  • It will also show the business name, logo and the reason or meaning for calling the mobile.
  • It prevents spam calls and telemarking calls and calls from numbers without being identified. And the Google Verified Call feature prevents phone call fraud.
  • The google verified call feature will verify the call before the call receiver.
  • The facility will be available in the US, Brazil, India, Mexico, Spain.

How to download verified calls google app download

To download it, you have to read the steps given below. Only then will you be able to download verified calls google app.

  • First go to Google Playstore.
  • In playstore, search by typing google verified calls app on the search bar.
  • After that Google verified app will appear in Playstore.
  • Click on the app and install. You will get the Google verified app downloaded.

How to Activate Feature in Google verified calls app

Follow the steps given to activate the Google Verified Calls feature in Google phone.

  • Open Google Verified Calls App on your mobile.
  • Then tap on More Button, and it will redirects the user to the Settings section.
  • After that, users can now tap on Tap Caller ID and Spam Option.
  • You can turn ON or turn OFF the Google Verified Caller Option.

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