How to Apply for WCVB Grant Program Application and Know the Deadlines 2022

What is WCVB Grant Program Application?

The Warrensburg Convention and Visitors Bureau has announced the acceptance of applications for the 2022 Grants Program to provide startup funding to nonprofits. Which hosts events, events and sporting events promoting the growth and development of overnight tourism in Warrensburg.

The next application deadline is Friday, July 29, 2022, according to a news release from the WCVB Grant Program Application. Application and grant information can be found on its official website at under the About section.

The WCVB board recently awarded $1,500 to the Johnson County Cancer Foundation, to be used for its men’s golf tournament held on June 11. WCVB has awarded more than $30,000 in grant funding to nonprofit sectors.

How to Apply for WCVB Grant Program Application?

There are two WCVB Grant programs available, you can choose and apply for the wcvb grant application.

  1. Apply for the WCVB Tourism Grant.
  2. Apply for the WCVB Sports Grant.

Step 1: To apply for the WCVB Grant Program Application, you have to visit the given link.

Step 2: In the first section, you will see the Form Center, you just need to enter all the required details such as;

WCVB application
  • Nonprofit Name*
  • Main Contact*
  • Email Address*
  • Address*
  • City*
  • State*
  • Zip Code*
  • Phone Number*
  • Website
  • EIN #*
  • Requested Amount of Funds*
  • Projected Number of Lodging Rooms Needed For Event*

Step 3: In the second section, you need to enter some Event Details such as –

WCVB Grant Program application
  • Event Name*
  • Event dates/times*
  • Festival/Event Description*
  • Location*
  • Is this an annual event?
  • Years in Existence
  • Has this event received a WCVB grant in the past? *
  • If yes, what amount was awarded?
  • Brief Description of How Funds Will Be Used*
  • Have all proper permits been obtained? If no, please explain.*
  • Is the event insured? Please provide a list of insurance policy providers and policy numbers. *
  • Marketing/Action Plan*
  • Benefits*
  • Event Budget
  • Event Budget*
  • If you will be receiving other funding, please list.*
  • Coordination and Collaboration with Organizations & Events*
  • Would you or a representative be available to present your application to the board? *

Step 4: If you want to receive an email copy of this form, then Tick the Box. otherwise, you can untick and click on the submit & print the form.

WCVB Grant application

Apply now – click here

WCVB Grant 2022 Timelines

Here are the Application deadlines for the WCVB Grant program.

5 p.m., Friday, January 28, 2022 (CLOSED)

5 p.m., Friday, April 29, 2022 (CLOSED)

5 p.m., Friday, July 29, 2022 (Open)

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How can you contact with WCVB grant program?

To find out more about the WCVB grant program and application, visit the WCVB website at or contact Marcy Barnhart at and by phone at 660-262-4611, or Visit the Warrensburg Visitor Center at 200 South Holden Street, Warrensburg.