Fix- Web Links on eMail not working on iPhone 13/Xs, iOS

There are many users who are troubled by Web Links on eMail not working on iPhone 13/Xs, iOS issues and facing such problems. In their problem are not able to click on a hyperlink on mail.

If one sends an email with a web link in the email, it will not open with one click, rather a user of iPhone 13/Xs, iOS device has to tap on it two or three times and it finally works.

This problem is seen in all different mail apps like Gmail, Outlook, Kik Messenger etc. Same situation with iPad Pro with no link opening via email. don’t worry this problem can be reproduced by the following steps:

How to Launch mail From iPhone 13 Pro, on iOS?

  • Firstly, you need to Launch Mail.
  • Choose an email from my Inbox option.
  • Click on a link in the email that takes me to Safari or Chrome browser.
  • Now Return to Mail.
  • Return to Inbox.
  • once you complete the process, Close the Mail.
  • Note that – This process will not auto-load my Inbox but, instead, open the last email for where I linked out to the Safari browser. 100% repeatable.

Tapping a link within the app that opens in Mail or in the SafariBrowser doesn’t load the page on the first try, but it does work on the second try if you reopen Mail and tap on the link. The problem is more prominent with Twitter email links and doesn’t work at all. This is a problem for iPhone users.

To fix the iPhone: iPhone 13, iOS or iPad, you must follow the step below.

Web Links on eMail not working on iPhone
Web Links on eMail not working on iPhone

Disable the Protect email activity

You need to close the Protect email activity, Here’s a way to disable the “Protect Mail Activity” feature.

“Protect mail activity” in iPhone hides your IP address and loads remote content in the background without opening messages, but disabling it fixes mail links not working on iPhone mobiles. Can try it once.

  1. First of all, go to Settings and open Mail.
  2. Then Under Messages, click to open the “Privacy Protection” option.
  3. After that, Uncheck the “Protect Mail Activity” option.


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