Webtoon Filter: How to Use on Instagram, Tiktok and Other

If you are fond of making tiktok then you will get complete information about Webtoon Filter. Here you can follow the page till the bottom to know How To Do The Webtoon Filter On Tiktok or how to use it.

What is Webtoon Filter?

Let us tell you that a new effect called Webtoon filter is now trending on social media apps like Tiktok and Instagram reels. And people who like to watch Kpop, Mahwa, and BTS have been seen using this effect more. If you are also a fan of their tiktok and reels, then you can give it a try today as well. The procedure for using the Webtoon filter has been described.

To create this Webtoon Filter you have to use PREQUE app. Because people using this app say that you can make yourself like a Webtoon Filter by playing a special cartoon effect available on the app.

In fact, using this webtoon filter app, you can turn your normal looking picture into a cartoonist anime look.

Some users think that it is a filter that is available on tiktok but to make yo8u one app use another app.

Now may be the best time to create your own version of this trend to get more reach than usual on your videos based on the tiktok trending topic. Because every popular TikToker is trying these new viral things and getting good results too.

How to Download Webtoon Filter App?

If you want to download the Webtoon Filter App on your android and iPhone mobile. you need to open google play store or Apple Appstore and search “PREQUEL: Aesthetic Editor App”.

Once you find the application on your Device screen, Tap to install it on your device. to use this app read the below process.

How To Create Webtoon Filter for Tiktok and Instagram?

To create webtoon filters on TikTok or Instagram, you guys have to use the PREQUEL: Aesthetic Editor app, using which you can easily turn your picture into cartoonish…

Step 1: First of all download the PREQUEL App for your android and ios devices. (You can install from google play store or appstore.)

Step 2: Now open the Prequel app. And click on the existing ‘an effect called cartoon’ at the top. Or search through the searchbox and tap on the Use Presets option.

Step 3: Then add your photo from your mobile device. And wait a bit.

Step 4: After that save your webtoon filter video.

Note: To remove the Watermark you have to buy a Premium version or see Ads.

Step 5: After that, you can add a song with filter video from any video editing app. Or you can use it on direct tiktok.

How To Use Webtoon Filter?

Webtoon Filter: How to Use on Instagram, Tiktok and Other
Webtoon Filter: How to Use on Instagram, Tiktok and Other
  • To use the Webtoon Filter on Tiktok, Instagram reels and other social media platforms. you need to follow the above step to create the video.
  • Then Open the Instagram Reel, Tiktok or another short video platform.
  • Click on the Create button, Choose the Webtoon Filter Video from your Gallery, which you make from PREQUEL App.
  • Edit the video, Add a Song and upload it on tiktok and Instagram also.

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