Wells Fargo Auto Loan: How to Do Login, Payment, Customer Services

You can use online banking to make payments, receive monthly statements, view loan activity or manage your Wells Fargo auto loan from almost anywhere.

You can get the different features of Wells Fargo for your auto loan.

Industry-leading experience – you get the information about the vehicle financed through an auto lender with over 50 years of experience.

Nationwide Network of Dealerships – With over 11,000 dealerships in its network, make sure to inquire about Wells Fargo financing options.

Dedicated Customer Support –  you can get Customer Support always.

24/7 access to your account – User must Pay online, view loan activity, get your online details, and much more, anytime with a Wells Fargo loan.

How to do wells Fargo auto loan login?

To login into the Wells Fargo auto loan account, you must follow the given steps and link.

Wells Fargo Auto Loan login
Wells Fargo Auto Loan Login
  • You need to visit the official login page of wells Fargo auto loan. you can click the direct link.
  • Then click on the “Sign on” option.
  • After that, Enter your “Username” and “Password”.
  • And click on the “Sign On” Option.

How to Do wells Fargo auto loan payment?

There is some payment methods are available for making wells Fargo auto loan payments.

Pay by online

You need to visit the official website and Sign on to your Wells Fargo auto loan account. then choose your auto loan from the account summary.

You have the option of paying now or scheduling a payment up to 30 days in advance. Not a member of Wells Fargo Online® yet? you can Enroll Now.

Pay by phone

you can call on -800-289-8004, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to use our automated system for making your payments.

Pay by mail

Pay your check or money order to Wells Fargo Auto. Be sure to fill out all sections of the money order. (Do not send cash.) Write your account number on your check or money order.

Mail your payment to:

Wells Fargo Auto
PO Box 17900
Denver, CO 80217-0900

Pay in person

You can make the payment process at any Wells Fargo banking location at no charge, and it doesn’t require a Wells Fargo account.

Wells Fargo auto loan customer service

People can easily contact the customer care of wells Fargo auto loan.

Phone number – You can call this number (1-800-289-8004), 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to use our automated systems.

Wells Fargo auto loan address

[Wells Fargo Auto
P.O. Box 168048
Irving, TX 75016-8048]

Wells Fargo auto loan payoff address

Wells Fargo Auto  (Formerly WF Dealer Services)

Standard Mailing:

PO Box 17900
Denver CO 80217-0900​

​Overnight Physical:

MAC C7301-L25
1740 Broadway St LL2
Denver CO 80274

Wells Fargo (​Branch Loans)


PO Box 29715
​Phoenix AZ 85038


2800 South Price Rd
Building D, Floor 4
​Chandler AZ 85286-7804

Wells Fargo auto loan grace period

Wells Fargo offers a grace period of seven to fifteen days depending on the loan terms, plus you can change your due date with Wells Fargo once.

Please be careful to avoid late payment. Because they can track your credit history and affect your score.

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