FAUG Indian Game review- Friends, as soon as Pubg Ban came, an Indian Battle Royale Game will be the perfect competition game of Pubg. Work is going on on this very soon. Now only its poster and trailer has come out. Whose name is “FAU -G”.

Looks exactly like Pubg by name. Now let’s see how it works, will Faug Game also compete with Pubg. What is a Faug game? Which country belongs to, how to download, and who is the owner. Where is Faug said, if I tell you all, read the information completely? Pubg Banned In India Today, The List Of 118 Chinese Apps

What is FAUG game

Faug game is an Indian Indian Online Multiplayer Game, which is based on the Army. Faug Full-Form – Fearless And United Guards, it is being made by Indian Company nCcore Games. Faug can also be called Pubg Alternative.

Ncore is a mobile game and interactive entertainment company [Interactive Entertainment Company], based out of Bangalore, India. The Ncore company Develope and publishes mobile games for the Indian market.

FAUG game which country Belong

The Fauji app is an Indian gaming app and is being developed by Bangalore’s Ncore Game. And ncore is a mobile game and interactive entertainment company.

Faug game owner

Speaking of Faug game Owner, it is being made by Ncore Gaming. Which all these games are developed with the support of many teams. In such a situation, Faug App Owner can still be called nCore Games Company.

But FAU-G has been developed by nCore Games, GOQii CEO Vishal Gondal, under comes the mentor-ship of Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar.

Faug game release date – fauji game details

After Pubg Ban, this information was given by the Ncore Gaming company on Twitter and tweeted that a new game will come in the Faug market. Like I have shown some tweets by collecting.

In which Faug Game has been tweeted but the Faug Game App Release Date has not been revealed yet. Because right now only the poster and trailer have been released. Its official trailer has also arrived.

By the way, no definite information about Faug App Launch Date is coming from Ncoregame Company. But it is estimated that Faug Game 10 or 15 days or at the end of this month its launch date or some good news will be revealed. 

Faug App Release Date confirm – It will be released in late October 2020.

See Fauji [Fearless And United Guards] Tweets.

Akshay Kumar Tweet

In this, Akshay Kumar tweet that this game will be published under self-dependent India and everything is happening in support of Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi. 20 percent of this game’s earnings will be given to Bharatiya Veer. So this is a very good thing.

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Vishal Gondal Tweets

He also tweeted, noting Akshay Kumar and Narendramodi that in response to #Atmanirbharapp’s PM @Narendramodi call, @Ncore_Games is proud to announce our action game Fearless & United: Guards FAU: G, from @Akshayushumar to Networth Donated to @Bharatkeveer Trust for Netweb with 20% #Brahhearts #JHHH #Gaming.

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Download Faug App or APK

Friends, you will have to wait a few more days to download it. Very soon Faug App can be found for download from Playstore. After that, there will be no need to find any other game like Pubg.

Note- You are going to a different scam website to download Faug App, that you will not get anything. Download Faug App from Playstore itself.

Faug App Size

So far, only the news of the Faug Game App has been revealed from Twitter. It is not right to imagine about its size right now, because no one will have the Faug App Size of the public in Gb or Mb. Its information will be available on Techonroid.com as soon as updates and details of the fauji app are revealed.

Faug App Trailer

Right now only the poster of Fauji has appeared, no trailer. You have become confused in the affair of YouTube. Only Fake Video is being shown on YouTube. Even Faug Game official information has not come.

Right now YouTubers is showing faug or fauji game video by making it, but only pubg and call of duty will be seen in it. But you can watch the video given below. The faug game official trailer has been given.

FAUG Game Wikipedia

If you want to take information from faug game Wikipedia, you will get information about it from Vishal Gondal’s page. He is an Indian entrepreneur and angel investor. And it is also the CEO and founder of GOQii.

Akshay Kumar announced the release of the FAU-G game developed under Vishal Gondal on 4 September 2020, after which the popular PUBG mobile was taken down. The multiplayer Action Game, FAU-G, is developed by Bengaluru-headquartered nCORE Games, and is set to release in late October 2020.

I Hope, you have got all the information related to fauji game details or faug. Share this post among your friends and give them the right information. And share this post on social media. And for similar questions like Hindi news, tech news, gaming news, app reviews etc., read Techonroid.com daily.


    • Bro, the time is very close and you will find the Fuag download link. Please always read the article, because at any time I can update the download link.


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