What is Koo App? Founder & Owner And Which Country With Website 2021

Koo app review:- Today I will tell you about the best application. Which has now come on the internet to compete with the twitter. Just like tiktok is giving short video app like mx takatak and Moj. That’s why the koo app is designed for India only.

Let’s know all the information about it. What is a Koo app? How does it work And which country is it from? You will get to know all this in this post.

What is Koo App?

The Koo app is a type of social media app. And it is News and Magazines based application. Together, it is an Opinion sharing micro-blogging platform. With this, everyone can express their discussions in the logo.

Get discussion on all types of breaking news, trending news, etc. on Koo and this is a completely safe Indian app. You can share your profession from here. People share a lot of training news here. Now koo has come to replace the twitter.

Here is a new thing “Koo – The voice of India” means that all the news of India can write the news of trending events in the form of audio, video and text and reach the voice of India to the people.

koo app which country

The simple answer to this is the Koo app is an Indian app, created by two Indian entrepreneurs together. And it also has recognition from the Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi. This is especially a type on Indian self-reliance.

Koo App founder or owner 

it has been created by Aprameya Radhakrishna and Mayank Bidawatka. Both these people are also the founder and owner of the app.

  • koo app CEO – Aprameya Radhakrishna and it is also its co-founder.

koo app Features

  • In this, you can share your opinion on India News.
  • The trending Indian news posted by Indian Newspaper and Channel can be viewed from here.
  • You can discuss anything in different Indian languages.
  • Follow Indian News Reporters, Journalists, politicians, cricketers, actors, activists and other interesting people
  • All of YouTube’s news training channels are explored here.
  • koo app is like twitter’s alternative.
  • In this, you can use Trending #HashTag.
  • You can share text / video / audio or a combination of any of the three with your Follwers.
  • It exists in different language.- hindi, kannada, tamil, telugu, marathi, bangla, gujarati, malayalam, punjabi, oriya, assamese

Koo App Download For Android And Iphone

Koo App is present on the internet for both Android and ios platforms, you can use both of them. You can download from Playstore and Appstore according to the mobile operating system.

After downloading the koo app, one must first select the language to login. After that you have to enter mobile number, OTP will come, then confirm. After that you will be logged into account in This

koo app PC Download

If you want to use it in pc, then you do not need to download it in pc, it has now become available on internet also the website of koo app.

You can also open the koo app website in a browser like Twitter. And you can use it by login.

How does the koo app work?

The koo app works just like twitter, and you can share it to people by mentioning #hashtag, trending topics, news etc. like twitter too. And all the news related to news india can reach people quickly.

And in this, information related to politics, business, movies and other events are found. And different kinds of professional people are connected.

How to use koo app

After login into the koo app, you have to fill your details directly in the profile. After that if you want to post something, then you can do it.

  1. You have to click on + Koo.
  2. After that “what’s on your mind” will appear.
  3. Then #hashtag and @ will appear.
  4. After that, the option of keyboard, mic and video will be seen. From there you can also share your text message, audio and video. And can refer to hashtag and friends.

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Koo app Wikipedia

Friends, you do not yet have the details or details of the koo app on Wikipedia. Because it is running in new trending right now but it was released long ago.

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