What is youtube shorts and How to download youtube shorts app

How to download youtube shorts app:- In today’s time, who does not know about youtube, everyone knows that youtube is one of the video sharing platform. And recently youtube has launched a feature which is becoming famous in the name of youtube shorts. Let’s talk about it.

Tiktok was a popular short video app in the world. But it has now been banned in India. In such a situation, many Indian tech companies have come out with different short video app platforms.

In such a situation, the image sharing app instagram has launched a new feature called reels. In which user can upload 15 second video on reels along with instagram. In the same way, YouTube has also launched “youtube shorts” in a collision with tiktok, reels and all short videos. And this shorts video feature is present only in the official app of youtube.

What is youtube short -what is youtube shorts in hindi

Youtube shorts, youtube has its own feature, in which user can create and upload 15 second videos. Here you get the best camera. In addition, you can upload videos from the gallery as well.

Currently this official google product has been present in youtube, but in the coming time, Syed can get its separate youtube short video app to watch on playstore. But right now it has been launched as one of the features in youtube official app.

And youtube shorts video features can also be called Google short videos. Because Youtube shorts is a feature of youtube. And youtube google has its own product.

Youtube shorts app launch date

youtube shorts has been launched in India on Tuesday, 15 September 2020. And so far youtube shorts beta version has been launched in India.

How to make videos in youtube shorts

  • First of all, update the youtube official app.
  • After that open youtube app.
  • Then you will see plus [+] icon. Click on it.
  • You will get to see three options. Upload, create a short and go live.
  • Click on create a shorts from it and make your video.
  • Then click on upload.
  • According to the video, fill the video title, description and category.

[If this feature has not come in your youtube app, then you have to wait a bit. Because these youtube short video apps are being slowly updated. By the way, you can upload videos by making less than 60 second.]

Youtube shorts app / apk download

Even after updating youtube, if you do not see the feature of youtube shorts video app. So people understand youtube shorts app and start searching on playstore to download it. But friends this is the feature of youtube. No particular application.

So you can not download youtube shorts app. By the way, if its app is launched in future, then you will be told from this. Right now you can call it a great feature.

FAQ youtube shorts feature

  1. Is youtube shorts safe? (Is youtube shorts safe?)

– Yes, youtube shorts is absolutely safe because it is a feature of google product, youtube.

2. Are youtube shorts free? (Are youtube shorts free?)

Yes, this shorts app is absolutely free.

3. How many second videos are uploaded in youtube shorts?

– You can add up to 15 videos in youtube shorts feature.

4. Can youtube shorts app download?

– No, you cannot download youtube shorts app because it is an extra feature of youtube.

5. Which country does YouTube shorts belong to?

– youtube shorts is the features of youtube and youtube is an american video sharing platform. In such a situation, youtube shorts also became American.

6. What is another name for youtube shorts?

– Another name is also Google short videos.

7. When did youtube shorts app launch? [Youtube shorts app launch date]

– youtube shorts has been launched in India on 15 September 2020, Tuesday. And right now youtube shorts beta version has been launched in India.

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