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What is what3words?

What three words are basically a coordinate system that has divided the world into 57 trillion three-metre squares. And it is one of the unique, randomly assigned codes which help to find unknown places.  Not only does it help find obscure addresses but emergency services have played a key role in its potentially life-saving potential.

If you are suddenly stuck somewhere in the lake in some rain and you do not know anyway, then you do not have to take tension. Just open the what3words app on your mobile. And you have to enter the three-word code and you will know in minutes where you are.

What3words is an easy way to identify exact locations. Each 3m square is assigned a unique combination of three words: a What3words address. Now you can find, share and navigate to Exact locations using just three simple words.

What3words app Download on Android

To download the What3words app for android you can follow the following process.

Step1:- Go to the Google Play store and search the “What3words app”.

Step2:- Now Select the app published by What3words and Click on the Install Button.

Step3:- After that, You can use it on Android mobile.

What3words app Download on iOS/iPhone

Step1:- Go to the Apple Appstore and search the “ What3words app”.

Step2:- Now Select the app published by  what3words and Click To GET then tap Install Button.

Step3:- After that, You can use it on your iphone.

What3words free download for Windows 10/7/11 (PC and Laptop)

  1. First of all, You need to download and install an Emulator (Nox Player, Bluestacks and menu Play) on the PC/Laptop.
  2. Then, Open the Emulator and sign in with your Google Account.
  3. Double click on the Google Play Store on the Emulator home page.
  4. After that, Search the app and Install it on your PC Windows or Mac also.

How do I find what3words location?

If you want to find an address in the what3words app then all you need to do is in the search option enter the Address name or location.

Then select the Right Result that is been shown on the screen. Then switch to the satellite mode and zoom it to find the grid then the what3word address will be shown.

How to use what three words ( What3Words)

– First of all, you just download the What3Words app and then open it and then type an address, either the current location or where you are travelling.

– The app will then give you a three-word address that you can share with your friends or anyone. Can easily share with emergency services with others.

– And What3Words works pretty much everywhere, from the heart of London to the middle of the Pacific Ocean, you’ll get three randomly assigned words to use instead of the address you’ll be able to find the address.

– What3Words is integrated with other apps like Google Maps, Apple Maps and Waze. For this, you can just enter the code in the bar of other apps, it also works with voice-activated.

How much does What3Words cost?

What3Words is free to use for all the Users who are interested in what three words. The company says it will “always be free for individuals to use on our own sites and apps, and there will always be ways to use our commercial software packages for free”.

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