Where is my train how to use where is my train

What is Where is my train, how to use where is my train,Where is my Train , Indian Railway Train Status,techonroid,How to check Live Train Status, Live Train
What is Where is my train and how to use where is my train | How to check Live Train Status:- Hello friends, welcome all of you once again to your own blog techonroid. Like nowadays everyone keeps traveling from one place to another, whether it is you or us, then all the people do travel. But for traveling far, we also get many means of transport like – bus, train, scooter, flight, etc.


What is Where is my train and how to use where is my train,Where is my Train : Indian Railway Train Status,techonroid
What is Where is my train and how to use where is my train,Where is my Train , Indian Railway Train Status,techonroid,How to check Live Train Status

We need a means of transport to travel everywhere, similarly, there is a need for a train app for those who travel from the train. Because with its help you can find out everything about the train like train live station, location of my train, the platform of the train. and you will all know to the help of “Where is my Train app”.

In the below post I have described all about the “where is my train app”.  you can read all the post and I am sure you get more knowledge from this article about where is my train app and how to use where is my train. then let’s get started.
This is a live train Application. which are high rated and unique train app. it displays the live status and updated schedules. This app is free for all over India. and it can be used by offline without any Gps and Internet connection by all user. therefore it is the highest-rated travel app of our country India.
this application is also present on the Playstore and its file size is only 11mb and its Rating is 4.5 stars. and it is installed by  Approx 50,000,000  by the user.

Features of Where is my Train App

There are many features are also available in Where is my Train App. which is mentioned below.
1. This is Free Application for all.
2. It is very easy to use. any user can access it from anywhere.
3. it also works without any internet connection. and it is an offline Application.
4. it is also available in multi-language. user can change their language as per need.
5.  it gives destination alarms and a speedometer.
6. you can share the current location with your friends and family member.
7. you can get the information on the seat or berth and Coach Position.
8. you can get the distance between to one station to another.
9. you can get offline train time table schedules about Indian Railways.
10.  you can get platform numbers for boarding and intermediate station where available.
11.  it takes less battery and data.
12.  you can check seat availability and PNR status in where is my train app.
13.  you can invite your friends and family members.
How to download Where Is My Train App
To Download This app follows the step below.
Step1- Go to Play store.
Step2- search Where Is My Train App.
Step3- install it
Step4- open it.

How to use Where Is My Train App

Now we know how to use it. because many people don’t know how to use where is my train app. Therefore I am going to talk about its let’s know it.

Open this app and choose your language. and you will reach on the spot menu.

1. Spot

In this menu, you can find your train and track it from the live station.
and you spot your train and track you live station by train number, train name, Station code and Name.
2. PNR
In this menu, if you enter your PNR(passenger name record) Numbers you can find you PNR Status in detail.
3. Seats
In this menu, you can check the availability of seats in class and Quota. if you enter its requirement details you can get easily seat status.

If you want to more feature of Where is my train app you can click on the three-line button which are available on the left top corner.  and you can get more options in this. as
  1. Update Timetable
  2. Language
  3. setting
  4. share app
  5. Rate us
  6. Report bug
  7. suggest a feature
  8. Invite friends
  9. Share on WhatsApp
  10. Facebook
  11. twitter

How to find train Status/How to check Live Train Status

Now, i am going to tell about how to find Train status and its all details. this is very important for you can get its station details and platform and you can also track train  live loaction easily with station.
1. open your App.
2.  go to spot menu.
3. Fill your live station in From station.and
4. fill your station name in To Station where you want to go.
5. then click on the Find Train Button. 
you can see you live train status with time and its Root, day. which can be very helpful for you. i suggest this app because it is easy to use. 
I Hope guys , you will understand to the help of this article “where is my train and how to use where is my train”. if you really like this article share it with your family member and friends. and if you want more App you can follow me on the Facebook , twitter and subscribe my YouTube channel.

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