Which game is better PUBG or Call of Duty | PUBG mobile VS Call of Duty mobile game:- Hello to all friends. This post, I will tell you about Which game is better, PUBG or Call of Duty mobile game. and in the previous article, I have already updated all the article on the pubg mobile and Call Of Duty Mobile. and you can read also. in this post, we will know about the Pubg and Call of duty game. then let’s get started.

Which game is better PUBG or Call of Duty | PUBG mobile or Call of Duty mobile game,Comparison between PUbg MObile Game and Call of duty,techonroid
Which game is better PUBG or Call of Duty | PUBG mobile or Call of Duty mobile game,Comparison between PUbg MObile Game and Call of duty,techonroid

Comparison Between PUbg MObile Game and Call of duty

Comparison Between Pubg Mobile Game and Call of Duty There is a lot of difference between Pubg Mobile Game and Call of Duty. Which is given below step by step.


The dashboards of Pubg mobile games are very good, in which you can easily understand and handle anything.

In the same way, the interface of the Call of Duty game is also very easy and its dashboard is also very similar to that of the pubic game. And


If seen in realistic, then both games look like a real game. And the character also seems very real. And as a comparison, Call of Duty is more realistic than PUbg MObile.


Talking about graphics, the graphics of both games are excellent. Which makes them seem most realistic. And they are also very smooth. But if you talk about smoothness, then the Call of Duty game is a bit different from the PUBG game.


Discussing the control, there are options of control in both the mobile games and the cod games. And you can easily set the control according to your needs in both the games.

For example, you can easily change the finger claw setup, graphics, controls, sensitivity, audio, message guns, etc.


There are different three modes in PUBG Mobile. Such as classic, arcade, Evoground.

But Call of Duty game has two modes. Such as Multiplayer, and Batleroyale Game, and Coming Soon.


There is a different type of map available in the Pubz game, which can be much better for the user. And it looks completely realistic. There is 4 map in it, you can play on a different map if you want, Erangle, Miramar, Sanhok, Aru Vikendi.

But there are only one map in the Call of Duty game, and these are also very realistic. And it has three map mixes like Erangale, Miramar, and Sanhok. In the cod game multiplayer mode, you get a lot of maps Random, Standoff, Crash, Firing Range, Crossfire, Nuketovnm Hijchkade, Red These are all available.


Weapons will find you very well in pubg. And you get a little bit of loot in the game of Call of Duty game. And the number of Weapons in Cod Game is high, so there is no shortage of loot in it. And you also have good weapons.

In the case of Weapons, Call of Duty is slightly ahead of the pubg game, slightly better.


Pubg mobiles are much better in terms of vehicles. Vehicles are very smooth in PUBG mobile. But the vehicles in the cod do not run as freely as in the PUBG MOBILE game.

But in the case of helicopters, COD game is definitely a little ahead of PUBG mobile.


In terms of audio, both Pubg Mobile and Call of Duty games are better. Messaging, chatting, and sound are all good in Pubg Mobile. And

The message, chatting, and sound are all better in cod games too. A little different in the Call of Duty game is that the announcement system is more attractive in it. Those things are not in pubg mobile games.


After comparing this game, and after playing it, it was found that both the games are very much better in you. And the information given about all these above will definitely change in the coming time. Because there will be some changes in each season of both the games. And both these games will also become very interesting. One must definitely watch this game and do the comparison yourself.

Friends, if you all would like this information. So do share this post with your friends and group so that they also get to know about “Comparison between Pubg Mobile Game and Call of Duty and Which is better game PUBG or Call of Duty“. And for the latest updates, stay connected with Techonroid.


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