List Of YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts: Know All YouTube shortcut on desktop

YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts:- YouTube is a popular video website where most of us spend hours watching videos every day. YouTube has several keyboard shortcuts to do different tasks quickly. Many people do not know about keyboard shortcuts. If you want to become a YouTube Power User, learn YouTube keyboard shortcuts. Keyboard shortcuts work more faster than clicking around YouTube’s options.

List of YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts in  2021

Keyboard Shortcuts Action
Spacebar Pause/Play video (player focus required)
K Pause/Play video (doesn’t require focus)
↑ (Arrow key up) Turn up volume 5%
↓ (Arrow key down) Turn down volume 5%
M Mute/unmute volume
← (Arrow key left) Move backward 5 sec
→ (Arrow key right) Move forward 5 sec
L Move forward 10 sec
J Move backward 10 sec
0 / Home Restart the video
End Skip to the end
Num keys 1,2,3..9 Move playhead to the respective percentage, 10%-90%
F Enter or exit fullscreen
Esc Exit fullscreen
Ctrl + → Move to the next video (only in the playlist)
Ctrl + ← Move to the previous video (only in the playlist)
Tab key Move forward in player control buttons
Shift + Tab Move backward in player control buttons
Enter Execute select player control button
C Turn on/off CC (closed captions)
+ Increase CC font size when it’s turned on
Decrease CC font size when it’s turned on
B Change CC background color
> Increase play speed
< Decrease play speed
Shift + P Play previously played video
Shift + N Play next video in recommendation/playlist
/ Place the text cursor in the search field to start typing
Esc Focus away from search field if text cursor is there
, (comma) Move backward per frame when the video is paused
. (period) Move forward per frame when the video is paused

I hope these keyboard shortcuts make your YouTube browsing on the desktop easier. Keyboard shortcuts are always quicker to do different things than using a touchpad or mouse. So always try to learn keyboard shortcuts of different software or website. you can share this post with friends.

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