Apply for Facebook settlement application form, eligibility criteria, Deadlines

Today we are going to tell you How to apply for a Facebook Biometric lawsuit claim settlement, Most people want to apply for a facebook settlement, know what is the eligibility requirements, and deadlines and check their Facebook settlement claim status. so, read the entire article for complete information.

Facebook Biometric lawsuit claim settlement

According to information, Facebook was caught in Illinois for storing the biometric data of Facebook users. Illinois sued for all these motions. And Facebook was accused of storing sensitive personal information. that is in violation of Illinois law as part of the “Tag Suggestion” feature and other features associated with facial recognition technology. But Facebook has denied violating any laws. However, anyone in Illinois who uploaded their photos after June 7, 2011, can claim a portion of the settlement fund.

Settlement Administrators began sending settlement payments to class members on May 9, 2022. It will take approximately two weeks for checks to be mailed and electronic payments to be processed. If you’re expecting payment but haven’t received it yet, we ask, that you should wait until mid-June before making an inquiry.

What are the Facebook settlement eligibility criteria

Facebook users located in Illinois for whom Facebook created and stored a Face Template after June 7, 2011, and to file a valid claim under such settlement, you must have a period of at least 183 days (6 months). Must reside in the state of Illinois. Then you may be eligible for the Facebook Biometric lawsuit claim settlement.

facebook biometric lawsuit payout date

The Settlement Administrator issued settlement payments to class members on May 9, 2022.

If you are a member of a class you are free to fill out a short claim form and will receive approximately $200 to $400 per person from the $650 million Facebook settlement fund.

Depending on the number of valid claims filed, the amount you will receive may be less or more than this amount, this fund can be used for settlements, attorneys’ fees, rewards for users who helped bring the lawsuit, and some of The cost of informing people about the taxes also has to be paid for.

The settlement also requires Facebook to turn the facial recognition setting “off” and remove the face template for most class members unless they turn it “on”.

How to Apply for a Facebook settlement application online?

To apply for a Facebook settlement application, you must go to its official website. and check your eligibility requirements and Deadline. then you need to give all the required details for the Facebook biometric lawsuit claim form.

facebook settlement, application
facebook settlement, application

But Unfortunately, the deadline for the application is 23rd November 2020. and now the Facebook settlement form is not active.

Facebook biometric lawsuit claim form

Unfortunately, you can not apply/ fill out the Illinois facebook settlement claim form, Because the Facebook Settlement Illinois Claim Form is not active and the deadline to file the claim form was November 23, 2020.

How to claim for Facebook settlement?

To claim the amount as part of the Facebook settlement you need to fill facebook settlement Illinois claim form. And all the details about the claim have to be submitted. Once the final court hearing is done, the claim amount will be sent to each claimant on the due date.

facebook settlement application deadline

The Facebook settlement application deadline was November 23, 2020 only. Will keep updating the upcoming information regarding this.

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