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TruConnect Application status Check [Online/Customer Care] 2023

If you have already applied for the TruConnect Lifeline application to get a free Android phone and wireless plan, You can check my TruConnect application status through the official website, customer care, chat, or my mobile number, as mentioned in the steps below. Additionally, you can track your TruConnect orders in your account if you have created an account. You need to log in and go to ‘Order History’. Click on the order you want to track my account.

What is TruConnect?

TruConnect is an American mobile virtual network operator. It sells mobile hotspots and smartphones, mobile data plans, and prepaid cell phone talk and text plans on T-Mobile’s network. It is formally known as “TruConnect Mobile.” it was founded by Matthew Johnson and Nathan Johnson. The Lifeline program offers free internet and phone service to customers eligible for the government’s Lifeline and Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP).

TruConnect Lifeline Application

To verify whether you are eligible to apply for the TruConnect Lifeline and ACP Wireless Application, you need to check the eligibility requirements. Because Lifeline is a government program that subsidizes phone service for eligible individuals. You get free government phone benefits if you meet the eligibility requirements.

You may approve getting a free smartphone and a monthly service for your home.TruConnect provides a government Lifeline program in 37 states, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.

Steps to Apply for TruConnect Lifeline Application

Step 1: To apply for the TruConnect lifeline, you must visit the official website:

Step 2: After that, Enter your Zip Code and Email in the required fields.

Step 3: Tap on the “Apply Now” button.

Step 4: Provide your personal information such as:

  • Program Enrollment Information
  • Home Address
  • Contact Information
  • Create a 4-Digit Security PIN

Step 4: After that, Verify your account to Qualify for the Truconnect lifeline program.

Step 5: Then, complete the Verification.

Qualifying programs include:

  • Medicaid / Medi-Cal
  • SNAP / CalFresh
  • Federal Public Housing Assistance or Section 8
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • Veteran and Survivors Pension Benefit
  • Multiple Tribal Assistance Programs and more!

How to Check TruConnect application status?

If you want to know how do i check my truconnect application status, it can be done through TruConnect customer care or the online website. you can also check the TruConnect Lifeline application status through this process.

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truconnect application status

Check through TruConnect Customer Care

You can easily ask about the status of your truconnect application status or lifeline application status via call or email.

  • Call: You need to call customer care at (1-800-430-0443) and ask about your lifeline application status. You must ensure that you have to verify yourself and your account with customer care.
  • Email: Individuals must email [email protected] to track the status of their application. then you will be notified by your registered email.

Check through Online

  • Go to the official website and login into your accounts. In your account, you can see the status of the TruConnect lifeline application.

How long does it take to get approved for TruConnect?

After the TruConnect application is reviewed, the status update may take 3-5 business days. You will get a notification on your registered email with the next steps once the status is updated. You can check whether you have approval in your account.


How Much Does TruConnect Cost?

TruConnect offers three pricing plans. That includes 100 MB for $25 per month, 500 MB for $35 per month, and 2 GB for $45 per month. Apart from that, they also offer an unlimited data plan for $55 per month. With the first 4GB on 4G LTE speeds, this plan is perfect for heavy data users.

is truconnect legitimate?

Truconnect is a legitimate government benefit program that subsidizes phone service for eligible low-income households. It is an American MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) that provides affordable talk, text, and data plans along with mobile devices on T-Mobile’s nationwide network.


So, in this post, we discussed the various ways to check your TruConnect application status or Lifeline status and other necessary information. You can share this article with your friends and family who also want to get the benefit of a free TruConnect phone.

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