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how to take separate pics on bereal

How to take separate pics on bereal? It’s Tricky!

If you are a BeReal user, then this question must have come to your mind: how to take separate pics on BeReal? Many users are not enjoying this feature. Let us tell you that, in the BeReal app, users can take pictures taken from the front and back cameras of the phone. While two photos of a BeReal post can be taken at the same time, Although this seems somewhat impossible, we know BeReal tricks; in this article, we’re going to reveal how you can take BeReal pictures separately. let’s go.

How to take BeReal pictures separately?

It is true that the pictures of BeReal can be taken apart. When you want to take pictures for a BeReal post, the app doesn’t take them all at once. This means that there is a time lag of a few seconds between the picture taken by the first camera and the picture taken by the second camera. However, to take different photos in one BeReal post, all you need to do is manage this few seconds gap and rotate the phone to take the photo from the other desired angle.

By doing this you can take pictures of BeReal separately. To summarize, to take BeReal photos separately, you should follow the below steps after receiving BeReal notification. Because now it’s time to get real:

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Take separate pictures in one BeReal

Steps to Take separate pictures in one BeReal

  • Open BeReal App on your device and Tap “Take your BeReal”.
  • Take the first picture with the front camera (you can select between the front and rear cameras).
  • Take some time to move your second camera to the desired angle after taking the first picture and before taking the second.
  • The app itself will take another picture from the Rear camera.
  • Post your BeReal photo in the app

By doing this, the next time you see your friends in BeReal posts, both pictures will appear. You too can try this the next time you get your next BeReal. It will be difficult to find the desired angle the first time so you may need to try it several times.


We hope this post will help you to easily take different pictures in a BeReal. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us using the comments below. and share with your friends.

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